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Contrary to the traditional PA System, the PU System dispenses odors instead of messages. The inventors claim that there's a huge market for scent-tech... But we're a little apprehensive.

The PU System is a decoration available from the StarShop for 1,000 Starpower (starpower).


The "PU System" has two large speakers, however, as said in the Quote, they expel smells instead of sounds. They have different colors and patterns that seem to hold them together. There is also what looks to be a stick that holds them up.

Monsters Who Like It

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Epic Fwog.png
Epic Fwog
Plant, Air, Water, Bone
Epic PomPom.png
Epic PomPom
Air, Earth, Shugabush
Epic Spunge.png
Epic Spunge
Cold, Water
Epic Pango.png
Epic Pango
Cold, Air, Earth, Oasis
Epic Shrubb.png
Epic Shrubb
Plant, Water, Earth,


Epic Whaddle.png
Epic Whaddle
Rare Wimmzies.png
Rare Wimmzies
Rare Yuggler.png
Rare Yuggler

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  • The PU System came out on August 31st, 2018
  • It came out in the same update as many other new StarShop Decorations in version 2.2.2.
  • "PU" is pronounced similar to "phew" an expression of disgust for a particular smell.




Market Happiness Likes