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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
Outer Islands exist in an infinite expanse. They are populated by eligible Monsters who can be teleported from the Continent when they reach the appropriate level. Here, they can find their forever home. Each Outer Island celebrates with its own unique song.
In-game description

Outer Islands.png

Outer Islands are islands that baby monsters can be teleported to when they reach a certain level. Unlike in the original MSM game, you do not need to buy the outer islands as you would for Cold Island, Air Island, Water Island, and Earth Island. Teleporting a monster to an Outer Island will remove it from the Continent permanently, and will take time to do so too. When a monster is successfully teleported and placed on an Outer Island, a small reward of diamonds is received. Monsters are teleported using the Teleporter.

While a monster is being teleported, it will not be on the Continent anymore, and the Teleporter will have an electric-blue vortex inside it.  Clicking on the Teleporter will show the monster that is being teleported inside it. It will no longer contribute to the Continent's song, although it won't be on the Outer Island yet, either.

When teleported to Outer Islands, the monsters will transform into adults and sing their new islands' songs.  Adult monsters do not request items, and they cannot be leveled up; their level bar isn't shown. Prior to the version 2.0.0 update, One monster of each type on each Outer Island would produce coins. If there were multiple monsters of one type on an island, it appeared to be the monster that is "oldest" that produced the coins. This has been changed so that duplicate monsters will produce coins as well. The coin limit for each monster is equal to 10 times the minimum monster level to teleport to that island, times the number of elements the monster has.  For example, the coin limit for a PomPom on Cloud Island is 10 × 15 (i.e. the monster level for Cloud Island) × 3 (i.e. the number of elements), or 450 coins.  On Party Island, its limit is 10 × 5 × 3, or 150 coins.  As in the original MSM, monsters allow you to collect coins from them before they have quite reached their limits.

Monsters on Outer Islands don't need beds; there aren't any Castles on the Outer Islands.  There aren't any other structures either -- no Breeding structures (the monsters can't be bred) or production or crafting structures (monsters won't be able to give you orders for coins and XP points like they could on the Continent).  There aren't any Teleporters, so monsters can't be transferred away from an Outer Island.

The maximum level for a baby monster to reach on the Continent is level 20. You will be able to teleport baby monsters to Party Island at level 5, to Space Island when they are at level 10, to Cloud Island at level 15, or Cave Island at level 20, which will read MAX.

Some monsters, such as the Shellbeat, the PomPom, and the Flowah, can be teleported to more than one island. For example, if your PomPom reaches level 5, you have the opportunity to teleport to Party Island. If it reaches level 10, you have the opportunity to teleport it to Space Island. If it reaches level 15, it will also be able to be teleported to Cloud Island. The second teleport option doesn't remove the first one.

Monsters cannot be bought and placed directly onto Outer Islands, and neither can Structures. However, Decorations can be bought (or taken from storage) and placed.

You can visit the Outer Islands by pressing the green arrow next to Shop in the bottom right corner, and select the Map. The Map will show you how many different species of monsters allowed on a certain Outer Island you have there and the level a monster would need to be teleported there.. The island can be visited by clicking on its picture.

Teleporting baby monsters costs a certain amount of coins and takes a certain amount of time, and you receive a certain amount of diamonds:

  1. A single elemental, Space Island: 1000 coins, 7 hours, +2 diamonds; Cloud Island: 2000 coins, 7 hours, +3 diamonds; Cave Island: 3000 coins, 7 hours, +4 diamonds
  2. A double elemental, Space Island: 2000 coins, 10 hours, +3 diamonds; Cloud Island: 3000 coins, 10 hours, +4 diamonds; Cave Island: 5000 coins, 10 hours, +5 diamonds
  3. A triple elemental, Space Island: 3000 coins, 20 hours, +4 diamonds; Cloud Island: 4000 coins, 20 hours, +5 diamonds; Cave Island: 10000 coins, 20 hours, +6 diamonds
  4. A quad elemental, Space Island: 4000 coins, 40 hours, +5; Cloud Island: 5000 coins, 40 hours, +6 diamonds; Cave Island: 15000 coins, 40 hours, +7 diamonds
  5. A quint elemental, Party Island: 600 coins, 5 minutes, +2 diamonds; Space Island: 5000 coins, 80 hours, +6 diamonds

These islands include:

Map Image Island Teleport Level
Party Island.png Party Island 5
Space Island.png Space Island 10
Cloud Island.png Cloud Island 15
Cave Island.png Cave Island 20
Islands (Dawn of Fire)
Continent2.png Partyisle.png Spaceisle.png Cloudisle.png Caveisle.png
Continent Party Island Space Island Cloud Island Cave Island


  • Space Island, Cloud Island, and Cave Island were all in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire upon release. However, Party Island was added later.
  • The islands featuring Magical Monsters from the original game seem to be related to the outer islands in several ways. They have similar tempos, house Natural and Fire monsters, and according to the Monster Handlers, each Magical Island replaced one of the Outer Islands after they disappeared.
    • Party Island is apparently somewhere at the bottom of the ocean, with the remains of other Glubbers apparently found there as well, as teased in the Epic Blabbit teasers. The Glubber that that carried Party Island moved on to Glubber Lagoon. Light Island has taken its place.
    • Space Island was said to have simply blipped out of existence. Psychic Island has taken its place.
    • Cloud Island either dissipated or floated away. Faerie Island has taken its place.
    • Cave Island either flooded or caved in. Bone Island has taken its place.