Dawn of Fire

Your precious Monster Egg is carefully coddled in the Nursery. When will it be ready?
In-game description

The Nursery is a Structure used to incubate eggs that have been created by the Breeding Structure. It is unlocked at Level 1. It is used in the start of the game as part of the tutorial of breeding a Stogg. When the egg hatches, you can place it or sell it. Also, you can share the egg you had hatched on Facebook if you have a Facebook account.


  • When an egg is being incubated, it will show a shaking animation.
  • Monsters bought from the Shop do not require incubation whether or not the monster was bought with coins or diamonds.
  • As of version 2.0.0, the Nursery can get 1 new bucket every time a part of the continent is unlocked.
  • The spots on the top is based on the advanced version of the original-game nursery.
  • Unlike the original game, you would not receive diamonds from sharing a monster on Facebook.

Structures (Dawn of Fire)
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