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Dawn of Fire

Natural Monsters are the first class of monsters encountered in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. They're the only Monsters that can breed, and the only monsters that can be fed.


Natural Monsters have six different Elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Plant, and Cold. Every Natural Monster can exist as a baby on The Continent, and each one can grow up and teleport to one of the Outer Islands.

Natural Monsters can breed on The Continent once they reach level 4. Using two different monsters of different Elements, you can create a new monster. However, breeding monsters with two or more Elements does not guarantee a new monster. It may result in one of the parents that was used to breed.

Each Natural Monster has a different number of Elements. This influences how hard it is to breed them, how long it takes to incubate, how much it takes to feed them, and how much time it takes to teleport.

Single Elements

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Double Elements

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Triple Elements

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Quad Elements

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Quint Elements

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