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Mythical Monsters are a special class of Monsters that used to be exclusive to the Playstation Vita version of the game. After support for the PlayStation Vita ended in March 2019, the exclusivity deal that Big Blue Bubble Inc. had with Sony expired, and all Mythical Monsters and Vita-Exclusive Decorations became available on the main version of the game on September 5 that year.

New Mythicals are confirmed to be coming to the game. People who pledged for the Ultimate Creator Experience on the My Singing Monsters: The Board Game Kickstarter had/will have an all-expenses-paid trip to Big Blue Bubble headquarters to design their very own Mythical Monster. The Mythicals will be available on Cold Island, Water Island, Earth Island, and both Fire Islands.

On June 2022, an event called Month of the Mythical took place. In this event, the community can vote on various polls to help the Monster-Handlers develop the Cold Island Mythical, which will release later this year.

List of Mythical Monsters

Each Mythical can be obtained by breeding two specific monsters together, during any time of the year. Throughout the year there can happen Mythical Breeding Bonanzas that increase the odds of successfully breeding a Mythical Monster.

Monster Level Beds Cost Sells for Egg Source(s) Breeding Time Island(s)
Mythical Element.png
9 3 225Diamonds 168,750Coins G'joob T-Rox.png + Pummel.png Standard:
18 hours

13 hours, 30 minutes
Mythical Element.png
9 3 225Diamonds 168,750Coins Yawstrich T-Rox.png + Scups.png Standard:
1 day, 4 hours

21 hours




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