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Mythical monsters used to be exclusive to the PlayStation Vita version of the game. But in the 7th anniversary update, they brought PS Vita exclusives into Mobile.


The Mythical element consists of two blueish white crescent shaped moons, one larger than the other. The smaller moon is partially inside the larger moon, and they both face toward each other.

Affiliated Monsters

This is a list of all of the Monsters that are affiliated with the Mythical element.

Mythical Monsters


  • The symbol for the Mythical element resembles the symbol for the song "doO-eNDay" from Thumpies .
  • The Version 2.0.0 Update came with a graphical facelift and changed the element icons. The appearance of the Mythical element icon changed from Mythical Element (old).png to Mythical Element.png.

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