Mysteries of the Living Ocean is a book researched by Oaktopus.

The book is shown in Following the Trail Part 1 and again in MSM Live #022.

Here is the translated text:

Since time immemorial, the living ocean has been the cradle upon which the Monster World rests. But what do we truly know about it??

From far-flung rumors of deep-sea leviathans, known as glubbers to scattered reports of a horned creature dashing to and fro upon ocean currents this tome will strive to dive into as much detail as can be mustered. Where to begin? Let's examine some fossil evidence that dates back to monster prehistory, all the way back during the dawn of fire.

Evidence of a large aquatic creature that could support rocky structures on its back have been found strewn across the living ocean floor. Curiously these remains are accompanied by debris that resembles party balloons and confetti. Researchers are puzzled by the discovery of these items side by each - clearly more expeditions need to be undertaken it discover more.[sic]
Mysteries of the Living Ocean
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