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Official Policy Page
This page shows information about the official policies of My Singing Monsters Wiki. Please read this page to understand the dos and don'ts of behavior in this wiki.

Maintenance templates are templates used on articles when articles require cleanup. Each different maintenance template has a different purpose, some for require of expansion, some for general cleanup.

A list of them are below.

Name of template Template and its usage
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Needs cleanup! I'll sweep this mess up!
This article requires cleanup. Please help this wiki by making this page neat and tidy!
Used for if an article requires cleanup.
We are currently upgrading this article
This article is currently in the process of an expansion or major restructuring, so this article may get edited often. You may help with the process by expanding it or editing the article and making improvements to what is currently in the article. If there are no edits within a few days, you may remove this template.
Used for if the article is undergoing steady editing improvements. Not to be used if there are no edits within a single week.
{{Expand section}}
Text here
Just this piece of bread won't level me up!
This section requires expansion. You can help by adding more relevant content to this section.
Used for if a section requires expansion.
{{Empty section}}
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Am I the only Monster out there?
This section is empty. You can help by expanding this section.
Used for if a section requires adding information.

This article is a stub.

You can help My Singing Monsters Wiki by expanding it.

Used for if an article is way too short.