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My Singing Monsters is a simulation game released by Big Blue Bubble Inc. for the iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle and Nook platforms. Their official description of the game reads:

"My Singing Monsters is a world-building game where the player collects and breeds adorable monsters. There's a big difference to this game, however, that sets it far apart from others of the genre; these monsters sing, play, and dance!
Each island has its own song and is packed full of incredibly cute monsters! Keep on the lookout for My Singing Monsters and be one of the first to fall in love with this unique game!"

The aim of the game My Singing Monsters is to buy and breed all of the Monsters in the game and develop your own arrangement of monsters that sing and play instruments and by collecting all of the monsters, or at least as much as you wish to do. You can develop your musical monster orchestras by earning coins, making them happy to produce more coins, feeding them with food to increase income, purchasing new islands, decorating with Decorations and ultimately making your own musical arrangements of every island of the Monster World!

My Singing Monsters is free to download and play, although real money can be spent on in-game coins, diamonds, food and keys.

The monsters return in a prequel game, Dawn of Fire, with all new mechanics, such as the use of Crafting Items to feed monsters instead of the Food currency. Unlike in the original game, "immature" monsters do not produce coins; instead coins are earned by giving them Crafting Items, which also levels them up, similarly to the Food currency of the original game. In this game, monsters grow up on the Continent and then they can be teleported to the Outer Islands, where they earn coins automatically. You can expand your monster orchestras, you can run a business at the Market, or even become a Skyship dealer!

Like My Singing Monsters, Dawn of Fire is free to play, although real money can be spent on in-game coins and diamonds.

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Did you know...

  • ... that the Wubbox used to be the only monster with Electricity element until the release of the Wublins in March 2016?
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My Singing Monsters Android

My Singing Monsters Android

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Fire Haven

Fire Haven is the sixth Island available to the player and the first to include the Fire Element (Fire Element). Fire Haven can be purchased at Level 9 for 750,000 Coins 2.0. Read More...


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On Fire Frontier, the elements existing on the island are Fire, Water, and Plant (Kayna, Toe Jammer, Potbelly, Oaktopus, Phangler, Flowah, and Rootitoot). Which team of monsters will you vote for to complete the Fire Frontier song?

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