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The logo for the "Original Soundtrack"

Welcome to the My Singing Monsters Original Soundtrack!

Have you ever wanted to listen to your My Singing Monsters songs?

To celebrate the release of the My Singing Monsters Original Soundtrack, We made the page and trust me it would be a Fixed version! If you have a band, an instrument or even just your own voice you can take part for the chance to win cool prizes!

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The My Singing Monsters Soundtrack is an album containing almost all of the My Singing Monsters songs, from the games My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. It was released on October 14, 2016. Each of the songs individually can be bought for $1.50 USD (?). The whole album can be bought for $9.50 USD (?) (or as a record), but can be streamed for free via services such as Spotify, YouTube Music and Pandora.

A second volume of the soundtrack will be released sometime in December, featuring every song missing from Vol. 1 (with the possible exception of Shugabush Island, due to copyright issues).

Vol. 1

Physical Release

Main article: Vinyl record


That list will feature the islands in the soundtrack:

  1. Loading Screen (My Singing Monsters)
  2. Plant Island
  3. Cold Island
  4. Air Island
  5. Water Island
  6. Earth Island
  7. Gold Island
  8. Ethereal Island
  9. Tribal Island
  10. Wublin Island
  11. My Singing Monsters Medley
  12. Continent
  13. Space Island
  14. Cloud Island
  15. Cave Island
  16. Dawn of Fire Medley

Song descriptions

Loading Screen (My Singing Monsters)

This song sounds exactly the same as the loading screen music of My Singing Monsters.

Plant Island

Plant Island plays at 70 beats per minute, if using the 2/2 time signature, or 140 beats per minute, if using the 4/4 time signature. It plays in C minor.

The song begins with T-Rox, Punkleton, Drumpler, Potbelly, and the Castle playing the 1st part. Halfway thorough the measure, the Noggin joins the song.

The next part of the song then starts with Potbelly and Punkleton stopping their parts. The Mammott, Bowgart, Toe Jammer, Fwog, and Ghazt join the song, and the Noggin, T-Rox, and Drumpler continue their song. The Castle plays a new track.

In the next measure, they repeat their part with the addition of Furcorn, Clamble, and Shrubb.

The next part of the song then starts with Mammott, Ghazt, Bowgart, The Castle, Toe Jammer, Shrubb, Furcorn, Fwog, and Clamble stopping their parts. Oaktopus joins the song, Potbelly returns to the song playing a new track, and Noggin, T-Rox, and Drumpler continue.

In the next part, Rare Wubbox joined in. Potbelly, Noggin, Oaktopus, T-Rox, and Drumpler continue. The Castle and Bowgart both return and play their new track as well.

The next part of the song then starts with Rare Wubbox stopping its part. Pummel joins the song, Furcorn returns, Bowgart changes its track, and Potbelly, Noggin, Oaktopus, T-Rox, and Drumpler continue. Ghazt and Clamble both return and play a new track.

This part is repeated with the addition of Entbrat and Maw.

The Mammott/Toe Jammer/Fwog part is repeated but most monsters stop except Ghazt, Fwog, and Bowgart.

The Potbelly/Entbrat/Maw/Oaktopus part is repeated 4 times with the addition of the Wubbox.

The final measure is a repeat of the 1st measure, with the addition of Clamble and without the Punkleton. The Noggin, Clamble and T-Rox stop at the last bar, leaving Potbelly as the lone singer.

Cold Island

Cold Island plays at 70 beats per minute, if using the 2/2 time signature, or 140 beats per minute, if using the 4/4 time singature. It plays in B major.

The song begins with Dandidoo and Bowgart. Half-way through this measure, Pango joins in.

The next part of the song then starts with Dandidoo stopping it's part. The Castle, Mammott, Tweedle, and Thumpies joins in. The Bowgart and Pango continues their part.

In the next measure, Mammott, Tweedle, Thumpies, and Pango stop their parts. Congle, Deedge, Quibble, and Spunge joins in. Bowgart and The Castle both play a new track. Half-way through this measure, Yool joins in.

In the next measure, the 1st part was repeated with the addition of The Castle and Deedge. The Quibble plays a new part.

They repeated this without Dandidoo and with the addition of Thumpies and Wubbox.

In the next part, Mammott, Quibble, The Castle, Congle, and Grumpyre play their part. Half-way through this measure, Quibble, and Grumpyre stopped and Rare Wubbox and Spunge plays. Then Mammott, Congle, Spunge, and The Castle stopped at 2 bars when Rare Wubbox continues. Bowgart plays with Rare Wubbox and then Deedge does a cymbal crash to move to the next part.

In the next part, Rare Wubbox stops. Potbelly, Oaktopus, and Furcorn start playing. The Castle, and Bowgart play a new track.

They repeated this with the addition of the Pango, Congle, Quibble and Spunge.

In the next measure, the 3rd part was repeated with the addition of Maw, Grumpyre, Wubbox, Mammott, and Toe Jammer.

In the next part, The 7th measure was repeated but without Potbelly and Oaktopus.

In the next measure, the 8th measure was repeated when Deedge does its cymbal part.

In the final measure, Deedge, Spunge, and Potbelly play their part then Deedge and Spunge stop at the last 4 bars.

Air Island

Air Island plays at 70 beats per minute, if using the 2/2 time signature, or 140 beats per minute, if using the 4/4 time singature. It plays in G major.

The song begins with T-Rox and the Castle and they stopped at 8th bar.

The next part of the song then starts with Toe Jammer and Cybop (who sounded different) joins in. The Castle and T-Rox continues their parts.

That part was repeated with the addition of Quibble, Congle and Scups. Cybop stopped its part, then at the end of the measure, Riff joins in.

In the next part, Toe Jammer and Scups stop their parts. Drumpler, Maw, Pango, Wubbox, and Reebro join in. The Castle, Riff, Quibble, and T-Rox play their new tracks.

Then most of these monsters stop with the exceptions of Quibble, T-Rox, the Castle, and Pango, all of which but Pango play a different track (specifically the tracks first heard before the rest of the monsters stopped), and Tweedle joins in. The song then repeats this part with the addition of Rare Wubbox, Scups, and Riff, who now plays yet another track, then without Tweedle or Quibble, and with Mammott and Maw, who sings an extended version of the track heard earlier in the song, and at the end sounds different than when heard in-game.

Riff, Reebro, Quibble, the Castle, T-Rox, Maw, Pango, Drumpler, and Wubbox repeat their part.

Schmoochle, Reebro, Quibble, and Riff perform, with Quibble and Riff performing their tracks when performing with Tweedle and Rare Wubbox.

PomPom, Hoola, and Fwog join in as T-Rox, Quibble, and Riff carry out, and they all fade out with PomPom and Fwog as Hoola says "uh-oh."

T-Rox then stomps for its bass as a normally unheard ride cymbal plays as Reebro and the Castle join in, then Riff, Quibble, Maw, Pango, Drumpler and Wubbox join in with the same sounds as heard together earlier, then repeat the part 2 more times with PomPom and Hoola in addition, and everyone else stops two bars early for an ending with only PomPom and Hoola, who once again ends it with "uh-oh."

Water Island

Water Island plays at 70 beats per minute, if using the 2/2 time signature, or 140 beats per minute, if using the 4/4 time signature. It plays in a key of B major.

The song begins with Quibble and Oaktopus. Halfway through, Blabbit joins in.

The song then continues with Quibble, but Oaktopus stops while Noggin, Pummel, Scups, the Castle, and Shellbeat join in. They continue this for a second time, but Oaktopus and Blabbit join in once again.

Then Oaktopus, Scups, and Blabbit stop, while Tweedle, Toe Jammer and Jeeode join in, then Fwog performs in the bar that Tweedle rests in.

Then Shellbeat and the Castle each play a different track, while every previous monster (except Noggin) stops, while Reedling, Shrubb, Cybop, Potbelly, and Spunge join, and halfway through, Shellbeat changes tracks again.

Then the song repeats the part with Toe Jammer and Jeeode, but Tweedle and Fwog are not present in this segment and Shellbeat and the Castle revert to their respective tracks.

Then the song repeats the part with Cybop, Potbelly, Spunge, Reedling, and Cybop, with the Castle and Shellbeat doing the tracks mentioned in said part. After this part, however, Wubbox and Scups join in.

Then for one of the final parts, Rare Wubbox and Dandidoo sing, while Scups continues, Pummel joins in, and the Castle and Shellbeat play a different track for the rest of the song, and halfway through, Dandidoo stops and Wubbox joins.

Then the outro consists of Dandidoo, the Castle, and Shellbeat, who stops just before the 8th bar.

Earth Island

Earth Island plays at 70 beats per minute in a 2/2 time signature, or at 140 with a 4/4 time signature. It plays in a C Minor key.

The song starts with an extra cymbal to the intro, then Mammott, Noggin, Thumpies, and the Castle start, and the cymbal plays right at the end of the part leading to the next.

The next part is the same with Mammott, Noggin, the Castle and Thumpies, and Quarrister, Reedling, Drumpler, Potbelly, and Shrubb (who sounds slightly different than in the game at one point) join in and the measure is repeated twice.

Then Thumpies, Quarrister, Potbelly, and Shrubb stop while Clamble, Pango, and Dandidoo join in (Furcorn is absent from Vol. 1 for reasons unknown).

Then Humbug, Noggin, and PomPom play a part with Quarrister and Reedling doing a different track, while Mammott, Pango, Dandidoo, Clamble, Drumpler, and the Castle stop, but halfway through the Castle rejoins with a different track and Noggin plays an extra note right at the end. Then Hoola and Tweedle start for the first time in the song, while Mammott, Drumpler, Shrubb, and Clamble rejoin, each with a different track.

Then Noggin, Mammott, Reedling, and Drumpler revert to where Pango played (as it's playing) and Rare Wubbox joins with a track not from the game as about 2 bars in, Clamble rejoins with its older track and when Rare Wubbox finishes, Dandidoo joins in its place and the part is the same as when Dandidoo sang before (still no Furcorn until Vol. 2).

Then PomPom and Humbug rejoin, and this part is exactly the same as when they first started, except the Castle does not play at in the first half and Drumpler has an extra part with a faster snare beat, even after Tweedle, Hoola, and the likes rejoin (and Drumpler slows down a bit).

In what appears to be an outro, Cybop, Noggin, and Drumpler perform as Drumpler's first half here is the slower simple snare every other beat before speeding it up in the measure when PomPom and Humbug rejoined.

However, it is not an outro as Quarrister, Mammott, Clamble, Shrubb, the Castle, and Reedling rejoin; through this measure Noggin and Drumpler are still playing and Cybop stops before this part. Halfway in the 8th bar of this part, every monsters stops early with the exceptions of Quarrister, the Castle, and Mammott as the cymbal in the beginning plays leading into the next part.

Clamble, Noggin, Drumpler, and Reedling start up again as Quarrister, Mammott, and the Castle are still going. Humbug, Tweedle, Hoola, and PomPom rejoin, the latter of which through the first half of its performance is equivalent to when Wubbox starts in the actual game; who also joins in and keeps going for the rest of the song (as well as making it hard to hear Shrubb).

The only monsters to play in the ending with Wubbox are Mammott, Tweedle, Shrubb, Clamble, and Reedling with the Castle in the background as well.

Gold Island

Gold Island plays at 70 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays at D Major.

Ethereal Island

Ethereal Island plays at 70 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays at B Major.

The song starts with Reebro playing a solo, before Jeeode and Jellbilly come in.

Tribal Island

Tribal Island plays at 120 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays at Eb Major.The song starts off with a Deedge playing electronic percussion, exactly as done in the original Tribal Island. A PomPom "Come on let's go!", leading towards a Riff playing electric guitar, along with Quibble, some Castle, a Shellbeat, Noggin, and what sound like some proto-Riff music. Congle joins in singing, and Pummel plays bass drum.

Fwog then sings "Wau wau wau wau", following with Mammott, Oaktopus, Bowgart, Toe Jammer and the Castle.

The Riff, proto-Riff, Quibble, Shellbeat, The Castle, a Furcorn, Entbrat, Thumpies and Maw play. However, the Furcorn has a different sound, being less call-y in tune.

Later on, Kayna's part and all other monsters playing during this part play like what may sound in the original Tribal Island, except with more emphasis on other monsters, particularly Dandidoo and Spunge.

Afterwards the song plays the same as the second Tribal Island part but with PomPom and Congle singing, Deedge percussion, included.

Next up, Tribal Island continues playing as normal, with all percussion, singers and instrumentals, except that the Quarrister sounds slightly different in this song.

Wublin Island

Wublin Island plays at 135 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in C minor.

The song begins with Thwok and Creepuscule. Then Dwumrohl makes its sound.  After that, Tympa and Gheegur join the song. When Brump finally starts to call out "Wake Up the Wublins", the song is the same as the original song in the game.

However, Brump only sings its part 2 times, and the Zuuker and Whajje bring on the "Waja-waja-waja" part. The Wubbox begins playing its song.

After the Whajje song is repeated 2 times, the verse that introduced Brump starts to play, except this time the Gheegur isn't playing. Instead, the Dermit starts singing. It sounds different than in the game.

When Dermit is done singing, the Poewk and Screemu start playing. Poewk sounds completely normal, but Screemu's voice sounds as if it has a large echo. When half of the Screemu's song is sung, the Wubbox starts playing some more sounds.

The Brump part is repeated, only this time the Gheegur is playing a different saxophone tune. Zuuker also joins the song. The part is repeated 4 times. The Whajje soon joins them. After the song is played 2 times, the Wubbox returns, this time with Blipsqueak. Soon the Gheegur and Zuuker leaves the song, and Blipsqueak and the Wubbox can be clearly heard (This part was very often used in Wublin Theory videos).

In the end, the "Wake up the Wublins" part is being repeated for some time. The song ends with Brump singing acapella one time.

This version doesn't include Scargo, Astropod, Pixolotl, Bona-Petite, Maulch, and Fleechwurm at all. Tympa is the only monster that's playing throughout the whole song. It's surprising of BBB to include the Wubbox files, but not include Scargo (?), Astropod, Pixolotl, Bona-Petite, Maulch, and Fleechwurm.

My Singing Monsters Medley

An orchestral medley of the islands from My Singing Monsters. The islands songs featured in the medley in order from first to last are:

  • Plant Island
  • Air Island
  • Water Island
  • Plant Island (again)
  • Cold Island
  • Earth Island
  • Gold Island
  • Ethereal Island
  • Gold Island (again)
  • Air Island (again)
  • Plant Island (again)

The Continent

The Continent (or Core Island as it's named in the Official Soundtrack) plays at 100 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in a G Minor key.

The Song starts with Noggin and Congle. Halfway through, Toe Jammer joins in.

Then Mammott, Dandidoo, Clamble, and Bowgart joined in.

Then the Dandidoo stopped, while Boskus and Whaddle start singing.

They are joined by Shellbeat, Oaktopus, Kayna, and shortly after them, Shrubb.

Boskus, Kayna, and Shrubb stop while Quibble joins in, and Whaddle sounds noticeably different. Halfway through, Kayna and Dandidoo rejoin and Thumpies play.

Shellbeat and Clamble keep playing while Phangler, Fwog, Sneyser, Deedge, and Rootitoot start to play.

Then Rootitoot stops while Flum Ox and Krillby join in, but they are rejoined by Shrubb and Rootitoot as well as Sooza, Furcorn and Entbrat.

Then, only the Percussion part plays with Shrubb, Pango, Deedge, Ziggurab, Noggin, and Clamble. Then Pompom, Pummel, and Repatillo joins in as well along with a reverse cymbal playing.

Then, Ziggurab, Noggin, Congle, Repatillo, Pummel, Flowah, Thrumble, Barrb, Yelmut, and Woolabee plays the next part. A reverse cymbal and Floogull transitions to the next part.

The next part features Noggin, Fwog, Furcorn, Phangler, Shellbeat, Krillby, Entbrat, Quibble, Rootitoot, Sooza, Sneyser, Floogull, Ziggurab, Maw, Wynq, and Glowl playing at the same time.

The song ends with Noggin, Congle, Sneyser, Furcorn, Quarrister, Candelavra and Tweedle.

Space Island

Space Island plays at 130 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an F Major key. The key changes to a G Major on Deedge's part.

It begins with Stogg, next Clamble and Pummel join in, with them playing occasionally in the background, Noggin comes later, followed by Bowgart; now Potbelly and Furcorn join, singing their parts.

Noggin and Stogg stop for a short time, with Potbelly, Furcorn, and Furcorn quickly doing so too. Following, Toe Jammer, Sooza, and Rootitoot play the same tune, accompanied by Sneyser.

After some time, Noggin, Bowgart, Stogg, PomPom, and Drumpler join in.

Every monster leaves, except for Stogg, Bowgart, Clamble, and Noggin, while Potbelly, Furcorn, Flowah, and Repatillo join.

Potbelly, Furcorn, Flowah, and Repatillo leave, and the song goes back to the main chorus, including Toe Jammer, Sooza, Rootitoot, Noggin, Stogg, Bowgart, Clamble, Pummel, Sneyser, and Drumpler; PomPom joins in too soon after.

In the consequent part of the song, every monster except Clamble and Stogg leave, while Deedge joins in, Drumpler also joins some time later.

Stogg, Deedge, and Clamble leave, while Toe Jammer, Sooza, and Rootitoot join in; next, the song goes back to the chorus, with all the same monsters, this continues until the song ends.

Cloud Island

Cloud Island plays at 110 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an C Major key.

The song starts with Woolabee and Shellbeat playing their parts, with Thrumble and Sneyser joining next, then, Flum-Ox starts its part.

Following, the latter three leave, while Tweedle starts singing, with PomPom also playing its "Shake it to the left/right" part, this is repeated twice.

A reverse cymbal noise transitions into the next part, where Pompom and Tweedle leave, while Sneyser, Thrumble, and Flum-Ox join back, now also accompanied by Whaddle.

Soon enough, Sneyser, Thrumble, Flum-Ox, and Whaddle leave and the song goes back to Tweedle and PomPom's part, with Shellbeat playing a different track.

Tweedle leaves, while Sneyser, Boskus, and Entbrat join in.

The reverse cymbal noise is heard again tansitioning into the next part of the song, where Entbrat leaves while Tweedle and Phangler join, while Shellbeat and PomPom play their second tracks.

Every monster except Sneyser and Shellbeat leave while Dandidoo sings its part, shortly after, Woolabee joins in again with Oaktapus and Pango as well.

Later, Dandidoo, Oaktapus, and Pango leave, and the song goes back to Entbrat and Boskus's part, now also including Tweedle and Krillby.

The reverse cymbal is heard again and the song goes back to Phangler's part, with all the same monsters, except now Ziggurab plays too.

The song ends with Shellbeat, Thrumble, and Woolabee, the latter stopping to play right before the former two.

Shellbeat is the only monster who plays through the entire song, while Woolabee only stops momentarily at the start of Dandidoo's part.

Cave Island

Cave Island plays at 120 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an A Minor key.

The beginning of the song is a Kayna solo, which Mammott joins shortly after. They are soon joined by Barrb and Wynq, and another 4 measures reveals Glowl and Yelmut.

The six vocals are now singing their part almost exactly like in the game, with Floogull, Shellbeat, Thumpies, Bowgart, and Quibble joining in.

Quibble and Shellbeat play their parts.

The bridge between choruses consists of Flowah, Fwog, and Shellbeat. After Flowah fades out, Fwog stops, and Bowgart and Krillby join in, though Flowah occassionally makes quick chants before ending on its trademark, "hoogachu!"

The song uses a reverse cymbal to transition back into the chorus, featuring the same monsters.

The chorus repeats, but only with Glowl, Yelmut, Bowgart, Shellbeat, and Thumpies.

*Shellbeat outro*

Dawn Of Fire Medley

An orchestral medley of the islands from Dawn of Fire. The songs islands in the medley from first to last are:

  • Dawn of Fire Loading Screen
  • Continent
  • Cloud Island
  • Space Island
  • Cave Island

Differences from the in-game songs

The songs have lots of differences than the in-game music, where some parts are remixed, and others are beta sounds. There may also be effects added to certain monsters for better quality.

Loading screen: None

Plant Island: Punkleton and Rare Wubbox's parts were extended. Maw uses its beta sound. Entbrat is less bassy, and the castle sounds different. Drumpler's part seems to have a different rhythm.

Cold Island: Dandidoo and Potbelly's parts were extended. Spunge and Bowgart have been remixed. Toe Jammer seems to have more reverb. And Deedge appears to have a cymbal-like sound. In addition, there's a creepy laugh towards the end of Rare Wubbox's part, most likely belonging to Oaktopus. Quibble has less reverb. Also, the afore mentioned Oaktopus sounds slightly different.

Air Island: Riff, Maw, Rare Wubbox, and PomPom's parts were extended. Cybop and Fwog sound different. During T-Rox's jumping solo, there's an unknown cymbal sound, presumably Clamble. Quibble sounds better than in-game.

Water Island: Potbelly, Dandidoo and Rare Wubbox's parts were extended. Spunge sounds different. Quibble has less reverb.

Earth Island: PomPom's first part and Pango and Shrubb's parts were extended. Rare Wubbox had different lyrics. A reverse cymbal can be heard throughout the song too. Drumpler has a new rhythm here too. Furcorn was not heard in the song in Vol 1, but was eventually added in Vol 2.

Gold Island: PomPom's second part and Shellbeat, Reedling, and Punkleton's parts were extended. Shellbeat has more emphasis on cymbals. Spunge is louder. Riff is quieter. A bass-like sound that bears resemblance to Humbug's can be heard during all of Entbrat and Quarrister's parts, likely meaning that the Gold Island Castle was meant to have bass. Quibble sounds slightly different. During the second-to-final part, Wubbox is faintly heard.

Ethereal Island: Jellbilly, Kazilleon and Dragong's parts were extended. Ghazt is louder in the chorus and now it sounds more beautiful. The Castle sounds different. Wubbox plays in the chorus instead of with Sox, Nebulob and Kazilleon.

Tribal Island: Riff, Maw, Entbrat, Furcorn and Spunge's parts were extended. On the second time Cybop sings, it sounds different (which explains why there's a distorted sound playing during Quarrister's first time singing). PomPom sounds quieter. Dandidoo's part merges with its beta sound. In addition, there's a castle-like bass throughout the song, except for Kayna and Cybop's parts. Tweedle and Potbelly are not present.

Wublin Island: Zuuker, Screemu and Dermit's parts were extended. Screemu has more reverb to give it a more pleasing vibe in a way. It and Poewk only play in two verses. Brump sounds a little different. So does Whajje, who uses one of its sounds from the Wublin Island tutorial video. Blipsqueak and Wubbox can be heard in the song as well, but any Wublin released after the former cannot be heard.

Continent: Whaddle, Entbrat and Wynq's parts were extended. Flowah and Pummel use their older sounds from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0. PomPom uses its extended sound from the files. Congle has a new rhythm. Sooza uses its beta sound. Dandidoo and Quibble sound a bit different. So does Potbelly's second part. Shellbeat's third and fourth tracks are merged during Phangler and PomPom's parts. Mammott plays more often during Whaddle's verse instead of stopping when Oaktopus sings, with Toe Jammer doing the latter part instead. The Thumpies are quieter, while Deedge and Quarrister are more subtle. Shrubb, Noggin, Congle, Pummel and Repatillo play during PomPom's part, even though they don't do that in the actual game. There's also a reverse cymbal that can be heard. Shellbeat's third track, Sneyser, Phangler, Entbrat, Fwog, Furcorn and Rootitoot can also be heard during Glowl's part, but any monster released after Clamble and Krillby cannot be heard, except for Shrubb, Deedge, Sneyser, Maw, Quarrister and Congle. Despite that, Edamimi and T-Rox can still be heard in the Party Island remix in Volume 2. In addition, out of all the monsters in the song, Noggin and Congle are the only ones that play throughout, since Noggin can be heard in its usual parts, as well as during Phangler's and PomPom's, while Congle can also be heard during the latter part.

Space Island: Potbelly's parts and Stogg's first part were extended. Sooza is super quiet compared to in-game, thus merging with Toe Jammer. Pummel and Clamble are more subtle. During the Stogg/Deedge duet, Repatillo is replaced with Drumpler, who takes the song back to Toe Jammer's part. During the end of this new part, every Monster that plays during it, except for PomPom and Toe Jammer, ends up making it out of the song. Candelavra, Tring, Congle, Spunge and Cybop are not present, despite two of the former three (except Tring) being heard in the Continent.

Cloud Island: PomPom's fourth part, Sneyser's third part and Woolabee's second part were extended. Pango's first part sounds slightly different. Entbrat is more subtle and doesn't sing whenever Phangler does. Sneyser sounds a little different too, and also has its order of parts played different than in-game. The Flum Ox/Phangler duet can no longer be heard. Boskus sounds more in sync. Ziggurab is very, very quiet. It and Krillby only play for one part each near the end. Another reverse cymbal is present. Drummidary, Reedling, Incisaur and Tiawa are not.

Cave Island: Mammott and Flowah's parts were extended. Wynq uses an unused sound that can still be accessed in the game's files, while the Thumpies use another unused sound, albeit this one's no longer in the files. Yelmut's part doesn't fade out like in-game, so it can be heard in its entirety. Up until 1.17.0, there were no monsters missing, but Riff, Bisonorus and PongPing are. And yet another reverse cymbal is heard.

Vol. 2

Vol 2 soundtrack cover

Physical Release

Main article: Vinyl record


That list will feature the islands in the soundtrack:

  1. Celestial Island
  2. Fire Haven
  3. Fire Oasis
  4. Psychic Island
  5. Faerie Island
  6. Bone Island
  7. Light Island
  8. Magical Sanctum
  9. Plant Island (Werdos & Dipsters)
  10. Cold Island (Werdos & Dipsters)
  11. Air Island (Werdos & Dipsters)
  12. Water Island (Werdos & Dipsters)
  13. Earth Island (Werdos & Dipsters)
  14. Starhenge
  15. Party Island

Song descriptions

Celestial Island

Celestial Island plays at 120 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an F Minor key.

Fire Haven

Fire Haven plays at 140 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an G Minor key.

Fire Oasis

Fire Oasis plays at 120 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an C Minor key.

Psychic Island

Psychic Island plays at 130 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an A Minor key.

Faerie Island

Faerie Island plays at 110 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an C Major key.

Bone Island

Bone Island plays at 80 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an G harmonic Minor key.

Light Island

Light Island plays at 80 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an Bb Major key.

Magical Sanctum

Magical Sanctum plays at 90 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an E Minor key.


Starhenge plays at 160 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an C Minor key.

Party Island

Party Island plays at 80 beats per minute in 4/4 time signature. It plays in an C Major key.

Differences from the ingame songs

The songs have lots of differences from their ingame counterparts, where some parts are remixed, and others are beta sounds. There may also be effects added to certain monsters for better quality.

Celestial Island: Loodvigg's 1st track is extended.

Fire Haven: Cybop and Tweedle's tracks were extended.

Fire Oasis: Glowl's track was extended. Quibble sounds different.

Psychic Island: Periscorp is much louder.

Faerie Island: Clavi Gnat sounds a lot different with the phaser effect. Wimmzies and Pladdie also sound a bit different. Noggin also plays its unused second track near the end.

Bone Island: Both Hawlo and the Castle Bass sound very different.

Light Island: TooToo has some altered notes when its third track plays in the song. Fluoress plays much later on. Blow't is barely audible.

Magical Sanctum: The beginning sounds different with two new verses starting it off. Enchantling has more reverb than ingame. Mushaboom also has a different track, with less notes. Theremind is barely audible. Floot Fly and Fluoress seem to have new tracks, and Knucklehead’s track loses a note in the beginning.

Starhenge: Scaratar and Attmoz sound slightly different.

Party Island: Potbelly sounds very different. T-Rox seems to have a sound font similar to that of the original game. Edamimi sounds louder and much more in sync, and is thus much better than in-game. Scups is not present, a possible allusion to its absence from the Continent soundtrack remix.

On September 29th, 2021, Vol. 2 of the soundtrack was announced on a Twitter post, and was released on Christmas Eve. It has every song absent from Vol. 1 - including the Fire and Magical Islands, Celestial Island, Party Island and Starhenge, as well as updated versions of the five Natural Islands with the Werdos and Dipsters (though the Dipsters cannot be heard in the Earth Island song despite the title), but the only three exceptions are Seasonal Shanty (due to still being incomplete), Amber Island (due to being added to My Singing Monsters after the release of Vol. 2) and Shugabush Island (due to copyright issues).

Updated versions of Ethereal, Tribal, Wublin, Gold, Space, Cloud and Cave Islands, as well as The Continent, are also excluded, though the latter four (as well as Party Island) may be updated and added as part of a possible Vol. 3 once every Fire Hybrid comes out.

Missing Elements

  • The Islands Shugabush Island, Seasonal Shanty and Amber Island do not appear in this album.
    • For Shugabush Island, this is due to copyright reasons in that Kristian Bush agrees only to having the monster-ised "Love or Money" song in the game itself.
    • Seasonal Shanty was not included in the soundtrack because it wasn't complete when Vol. 2 was released.
    • Amber Island was not included in the soundtrack because it was added to the game shortly after Vol. 2 was released.
  • Some monsters aren't in the soundtrack (but those not in Vol. 2's updated versions of the Natural Islands may be in finalized versions of the songs instead). Here they are:
  1. Plant Island: Shugabush, Shrubb's first part and Epic Wubbox. Werdos, Dipsters, G'joob (Vol. 1).
  2. Cold Island: Epic Wubbox. Werdos, Dipsters (Vol. 1).
  3. Air Island: Riff's third part, Scups' second part and Epic Wubbox. Werdos, Dipsters, Yawstrich (Vol. 1).
  4. Water Island: Fwog's second part and Toe Jammer's second part, as well as Scups' second part. Werdos, Dipsters (Vol. 1).
  5. Earth Island: The Dipsters (though they are mentioned on the title in Vol. 2, via "Earth Island (Werdos & Dipsters)"). Werdos, Furcorn (Vol. 1).
  6. Gold Island: Shugabush and Pummel's first part.
  7. Ethereal Island: Dipsters and Rare Wubbox.
  8. Tribal Island: Tweedle, Potbelly and PomPom's third track.
  9. Wublin Island: Dwumrohl's first track, Scargo, Astropod, Pixolotl, Bona-Petite, Maulch and Fleechwurm.
  10. Continent: Tring, Edamimi, T-Rox, Drummidary, Spunge, Riff, Reedling, Scups, Cybop, Incisaur, Bisonorus, Tiawa, PongPing, Potbelly's first track, Fwog's second track, Stogg's third track, Pummel's first track, Bowgart's third track, Woolabee's second track, Sooza's second track, Yelmut's second track and Thumpies' second track.
  11. Space Island: Candelavra, Tring, Congle, Spunge and Cybop, as well as Stogg's second part, Bowgart's third part and Clamble's second part.
  12. Cloud Island: Drummidary, Reedling, Incisaur and Tiawa entirely, Flum Ox's second part, Pango's second part, Woolabee's sixth part and Shellbeat's third part.
  13. Cave Island: Riff, Bisonorus, and PongPing.
  14. Party Island: Scups.

Missing Songs:

  1. Shugabush Island (Due to copyright issues, and it will never come out)
  2. Seasonal Shanty (Unfinished songs in-game)
  3. Amber Island (Unfinished songs in-game)


  • Each song in the soundtrack has one or more extended monster parts.
  • In Big Blue Bubble's 2018 Extra Life stream, the Monster Handlers mentioned the possibility of an official soundtrack for the one of their older games, Thumpies.
  • During each weekly episode of My Singing Monsters Live, the background music is updated versions of the official soundtrack songs for Plant Island and Water Island, both now including Dipsters.
    • Other cases of there being updated soundtracks used have been in an episode of My Singing Monsters live where they accidentally played a version of Air Island with Parlsona and Stoowarb before either of them were released yet. Additionally, updated soundtrack songs for Water Island and Cloud Island can be heard in The making of My Singing Monsters video.
  • My Singing Monsters: Fandemonium initially hinted that an updated version of the My Singing Monsters Soundtrack could come in 2021.
    • However, since Vol. 2 was announced and only has 10 of the 13 missing songs (as well as updated versions of the Natural Islands), it now seems more likely that updated versions of the songs with the missing Monsters from Vol. 1 (as well as those missing from both versions of the Natural Islands) would be added in a full version of the soundtrack instead.
    • The reason Shugabush island will not be in a soundtrack it's because that the music of the island is a remix of Love or Money, from Kristian Bush. It will not come out in any of the albums in the future.