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My Singing Monsters Playground is a multiplayer Mario Party style game on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam (unknown subplatforms). It was released on November 9th 2021.

It is confirmed that the game is single-player and local multiplayer only. The possibility of online multiplayer is still possible but not guaranteed.

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Playable Characters

My Singing Monsters Playground has 7 playable characters, with each character having 3 unlockable costumes. Note that the costume names listed here are not the official names, and are fan-made names.

  • Furcorn
    • Blue Furcorn
    • Purple Furcorn
    • Yellow Furcorn
    • Strawberry Furcorn
    • Gray Furcorn
    • Calico Furcorn
  • Pango
    • Owl Pango
    • Toucan Pango
    • Blue Jay Pango
    • Hot Pango
    • Orange Pango
    • Pink Pango
  • Congle
    • Pink Congle
    • Calico Congle
    • Purple Congle
    • Red and White Congle
    • Blue Congle
    • Green and Orange Congle
  • PomPom
    • Fire PomPom
    • Moody PomPom
    • Green PomPom
    • Giraffe(?) PomPom
    • Purple PomPom
    • White PomPom
  • Mammott
    • Panda Mammott
    • Brown Mammott
    • Sloth Mammott
    • Green Mammott
    • Orange Mammott
    • Pink Mammott
  • Entbrat
    • Hydrangea Entbrat
    • Red Entbrat
    • Aquatic Entbrat
    • Rosy Entbrat
    • Black and Pink Entbrat
    • Blue Entbrat
  • Kayna
    • Frostbite Kayna
    • Water Kayna
    • Purple Kayna
    • Gray Kayna
    • Blue Kayna
    • Pink Kayna



In the game, even though these monsters don't appear, they are shown via other means.


Free for All

Hectic Hexes

Race to the matching images without falling off.

Last the most rounds to win.

In-game description

Players move their monster to the tile that matches the element shown on a big screen.

Hazardous Hurdle

Don't touch the pipe. It's hot!
In-game description

The monsters run around on Starhenge jumping over a hot pipe that eliminates them if they touch it.

Stop and Drop

Keep moving and don't drop!
In-game description

A spleef-like minigame where the player controls monsters running across hexagonal tiles that fall after being walked over.

Keep Away

Hold the Glowbe as long as you can to fill your meter.
In-game description

Players chase after each other trying to hold a Glowbe for the longest amount of time.

Snow Rollers

Absorb any snowball or player smaller than you by rolling over them.
In-game description

Players control monsters riding on snowballs and engulfing smaller snowballs to grow larger.


Time your jumps to reach the finish line first.
In-game description

Players control their monster riding toboggans and going over hills, trying to beat their opponents.

Bitter Critters

Avoid the bitter critters!
In-game description

Molten Madness

Use your shield to bounce the balls away.

Don't get hit in the back.

Three hits and you're out!

In-game description

Rocket Punch

Fire rockets at the competition.

3 hits and you're out!

In-game description

Bank Shot

Sink the balls in your color pocket to score.
In-game description

Blast Off

Run as fast as you can to charge up your ship and try to launch the highest!
In-game description

Players press 2 buttons to help their monster run on a machine that powers a rocket.

Dipster Bop

Bop the Dipsters as fast as you can!
In-game description

Players control monsters wielding hammers to whack Dipsters that pop out of the ground.

Monster Rally

It's a race. Drive fast!
In-game description


Run away! Don't get thumped.
In-game description

Players control their monster, running away from FurFace, NoObiE, iziT, and RhooTz and avoiding obstacles.

Bouncin Around

Bounce on another Monster's flower to score.
In-game description


Cannon Chaos

Knock the blocks over onto the other team's side.
In-game description

Players control monsters piloting cannons to fire at a stone structure to knock them over to the other teams side.

Pastry Puck

Most goals wins. If the timer runs out with a tied score, the next goal wins!
In-game description

Players drive bumper cars, knocking a donut into goals like Hockey.


Land the most hits in 30 seconds.
In-game description

Players control their monsters in teams, throwing snowballs at the other team.


Score the most hits in 30 seconds.
In-game description

A dodgeball mini-game where players throw balls at the other team.

Color Bumper

Jump to your icon as fast as you can! Work as a team to win!
In-game description


Apple Grapple

Crane: Collect as many apples as you can.

Apple Pickers: Collect more apples than the crane, and don't get collected!

In-game description

Glowbe in the Dark

Hammer: Thump them all.

Glowbes: Don't get thumped.

In-game description

3 monsters hold a Glowbe, and another monster has to locate the others to hit them with a hammer.


Puncher: Thump them all!

Runner: Don't get thumped!

In-game description

3 players control their monsters on Starhenge, avoiding boxing gloves controlled by another player.

Drift Wood

Logger: Drop the logs to push them off!

Runners: Avoid the logs and don't get pushed off.

In-game description

Tilt a Slime

Tilter: Tilt the platform to slime them all!

Runners: Avoid getting absorbed by the ink!

In-game description

3 players run around on a sunken ship avoiding ink as another player moves to make it tilt.


▪ Compete against friends and family in games galore set across the Monster World.

▪ Take control of some of your favorite characters from the world of My Singing Monsters.

▪ Team up to take on your competition in 2v2 games or battle it out for solo supremacy in free-for-all matches.

▪ Play the way you want with friends or solo in three different game modes: Party Tournament, Single Player Gauntlet, or Freeplay!

My Singing Monsters Playground was made available digitally on consoles in November 2021. A physical edition was also made available on Nintendo Switch in partnership with Sold Out.



  • Some places take places on the natural islands.
    • Cannon Chaos is one of few games taking place on Celestial Island.
  • One of the Entbrat skins shares a resemblance to a Korean Entbrat variant from Monster Choir.
  • This is the first time where Congle stands up in two legs.