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My Singing Monsters: Official Guide was an app published on June 21, 2017 by Big Blue Bubble, and was available for both Android and iOS. Its purpose was to provide information and insight on the content of the My Singing Monsters universe. The app provided information on the games' various currencies, monsters, breeding combinations, decorations, and structures. 

The app coverd the content of both My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, making it a useful resource for both old and new players alike.


My Singing Monsters Official Guide was an official guide of all monsters, breeding combinations, structures, decorations, and currencies in the game My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

On iOS, it was compatible with all devices running iOS 7 or better. On its slowest compatible device, iPhone 4, it runs very slowly but is reasonably stable.

On February 7th, 2020, the App was removed from both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store, initially citing a Google Play Store policy change, but later decided to permanently delist the App from both App stores to focus on the main games.

Comparison with My Singing Monsters Wiki

Compared with this wiki, My Singing Monsters Wiki, My Singing Monsters Official Guide was easily accessible with mobile devices, as it loaded faster in these apps than it is to look at pages around this wiki. However, one limitation with My Singing Monsters Official Guide is that the content is limited to only the monsters, currencies, breeding combinations, decorations, and structures. My Singing Monsters Wiki, on the other hand, is capable of discussing strategies and describing aspects of each game aspect with open sentences, rather than words limited to a simple in-game summary. One major drawback of My Singing Monsters Official Guide though was that it did not mention the songs of monsters directly. It was also updated rather infrequently, meaning that it did not include content that was added after the last update in July of 2018, whereas new content is added to the My Singing Monsters Wiki almost immediately after it is revealed or added into the game because of the active community of editors.



  • Rare Potbelly's leaves were not red like they should have been.
  • Rare Pummel's upper hands would move sparatically, rather than in a set motion.
  • Adult Maw in DOF looks exactly like the original Maw, but it used it's Dawn Of Fire design instead.
  • Wubbox's eyelids were grey instead of red.
  • Poewk's eye animation was incorrect.
  • Rare Whisp's eye animation was also incorrect, and it Didn't have its creepy smile like it does in My Singing Monsters.
  • The Rare Wubbox Castle was shown where the normal Wubbox Castle should have been.
  • Vegidian Crystal and Polished Vegidian Crystal has the old version of their images.
  • It would sometimes show codenames instead of actual names.
  • The Vault section had a leaked upgrade image which was removed almost quickly after the first release.


  • The guide intentionally revealed the name and the appearance of Galvana, the July Celestial, before its release.
    • Before this guide was published, players could only see Galvana's silhouette.
  • Link of Official Guide description on BBB page.
  • The guide revealed an element for the Dipsters, though its unknown if it’s official.
  • Existing installations of the Official Guide app continue to work past February 2020, but will not see any future updates and may eventually break. The last version available was 1.3.0, published July 2017, and held a rating in the Google Play store of 3.9/5 with 4,294 votes.
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