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"MSM:F" Or "My Singing Monsters: Fandemonium" is a live show made by Wind Sun Sky Entertainment in where Furcorn, Mammott and PomPom host it. Fandemonium was made as a way of interacting with the fans. The show is scheduled to have 8 episodes, starting March 12th, 2021 and ending with a grand finale episode on April 30th, 2021.


The categories will be in order according to the time of the episode


Every episode has revealed a new feature or monster for both the original game and Dawn of Fire.

MSM Fandemonium.

List of Episodes

# Airdate Length Monster/Feature(s) Revealed YouTube Link
1 3/12/2021 23:22 Epic Kayna and Eggs-travaganza 2021
2 3/19/2021 19:51 Prismatic Shellbeat
3 3/26/2021 25:58 Magical Sanctum Teaser
4 4/2/2021 25:00 Xyster, Knucklehead and Frondley
5 4/9/2021 24:00 Rare Wimmzies and Déjà-Jin
6 4/16/2021 20:47 Prismatic Whaddle altered digitally
7 4/23/2021 19:44 Larvaluss
8 4/30/2021 27:31 "A Titan by Any Other Name Community Contest" Grand Prize Winner and runners-up.


  • According to Mammott in Episode 3, in their personal opinion, they have 3 stomachs.
    • According to Mammott, once again, the "3 stomachs" are for the following:
      • One for cookies.
      • One for cupcakes.
      • One for dessert.
  • Furcorn references the concept art of Those Singing Monsters during Who's That Egg in episode 4.
  • According to PomPom, in Episode 6, Mammott has Binderphobia, which is a fear of binders.
  • In Episode 6, Mammot, PomPom and Furcorn disappeared as the show progressed, leaving the end of the episode with a cliffhanger and a mysterious "To be continued..." message before the credits.
  • In Episode 7 it is revealed that the monsters were stuck in a server cable. According to Monster-Handler Matt, it was due to a Rare Wubbox that had turned the wrong dial, overloading the processors. Reebro also made a brief appearance to help the monsters.
  • In Episode 8, it was announced that the new name for the Magical Sanctum titan was "Enchantler", submited by @pecanbegone, the Grand Prize Winner for the "A Titan by Any Other Name Community Contest". You can check this tweet for the runner-up winners.
  • The titular song, which also appeared in The Colossingum, has a BPM of 121.
  • Fandemonium was originally thought to be Those Singing Monsters before it was confirmed that the two were separate shows.