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My Singing Monsters: Composer is an app released on April 25, 2018. It contains a variety of features that cannot be accessed in the normal Composer Island. It costs $4.49US to buy the app.


  • A keyboard used to make composing songs easier.
  • Unlimited songs the player can make.
  • Provided seven songs as sample music
    • The song named "Spring", which is based on the original Vivaldi piece. It plays in D Major.
    • The song named "Plant Island", which is a rearrangement of the original Plant Island song.
    • The song named "Cold Island", which is a rearrangement of the original Cold Island song.
    • The song named "Air Island", which is a rearrangement of the original Air Island song.
    • The song named "Water Island", which is a rearrangement of the original Water Island song.
    • The song named "Earth Island", which is a rearrangement of the original Earth Island song.
    • The song named “Ethereal Island”, which is a rearrangement of the original Ethereal Island song.
  • You can put up to 5 notes in one place.
  • Able to play offline.
  • Notes for composing are like the ones on Composer Island.
  • New descriptions for the monsters, with more reference to their musical style rather than primarily their biological description.
  • Songs can go up to 128 4/4 bars instead of the original 64 4/4 bars.
  • Dipsters can be composed too.
  • Rares can also be used to expand the diversity of various timbres. Unlike the original game, Rares are available all-year round.
    • Rare Bowgart uses pizzicato.
    • Rare Deedge uses a synthesizer.
    • Rare Noggin uses an udu drum.
    • Rare Quibble uses a harpsichord.
    • Rare Shrubb uses more beatbox sounds that resembles like the other sounds in the main game.
    • Rare Pango uses sounds that resemble a shaker or a rattle.
    • Rare T-rox uses high-pitched sounds that resemble the sounds in Air Island and Gold Island.
    • Rare Pummel uses a taiko drum.
    • Rare Thumpies uses a steelpan.
    • Rare Riff uses an Electric Bass.
    • Rare Clamble uses a Gong.
    • Rare Shellbeat is the same as Regular Shellbeat but the sound has more reverb.
    • Rare Congle is simply a lower pitched version of Regular Congle.
    • Rare Drumpler is a snare drum with more loosened wires.
    • Rare Reedling uses a bandoneon.
    • Rare Scups is a wetter suction cup.
  • A filter system to only show vocal, instrumental, or percussion monsters.
  • An indicator, displayed as a green arrow, that shows which monsters' notes can be extended.
  • Ethereals have now been added (each with their own sound).


There are some disadvantages when using My Singing Monsters: Composer instead of the original Composer Island. However, there are a greater number of advantages in the app than there are of disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages in this app include:

  • Since only one monster of each type is assigned specific notes, only up to 5 notes of the same monster type can be played at a time.
  • Monsters cannot be moved from their location to another on the island which restricts the side where the sound comes from.
  • Because you only have one (or two) of each monster on the Composer Stage, that means that certain techniques (like echoing) cannot be used.



  • Unlike Composer Island, My Singing Monsters: Composer has ambiance for the composing menu.
  • Also unlike Composer Island, My Singing Monsters: Composer has no Glowbes.
  • In My Singing Monsters: Composer you can use Dipsters, Rare Monsters, and Ethereals (have very different sounds).
  • My Singing Monsters: Composer and My Singing Monsters Teaching Guide are the only MSM apps that cost money.
  • Ethereal Monsters were added on May 14, 2019.
  • At first, Dipsters would work like one hole with all the Dipsters inside, but then they made them separate.
  • Composer is the only My Singing Monsters game that shows Dipster eggs.
  • Composer eggs have an unique style, and may remember to how Jammer Splash characters look (with soft colors and silhouettes blended with the base colors).
  • If a monster plays multiple notes at once, the monster will do its corresponding animation from the last note placed.
  • MSM Composer had only been discounted once so far.
    • TBAth-25th September 2019. Discounted from $4.99 USD to $2.99 USD.

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