My Singing Monsters and Dawn of Fire have various portraits that can be unlocked upon obtaining them. They are shown below.

My Singing Monsters

These are the portraits of each Monster which appear when you click the Breed button in the Breeding Structure options, the Memory button in the Castle options to play the Memory Game or the Book Of Monsters Icon in the Book Of Monsters.

In the 2.0.3. Update, the Wublins, and Dipsters got their own portraits but they are only used for the Book Of Monsters.

In the 2.0.4. Update, portraits of Werdos were added.

In Version 2.1.6, Book of Monsters no longer uses portraits, instead using a whole island compilation of all monsters per island. This means Wublins no longer have their own portraits. However, this wiki has saved these portraits for reference.

In Version 2.1.8, the Memory Game has been completely refurbished as a card-matching game, allowing a selection of all random available monsters to be available per Memory Game.

Common Monster Portraits

Rare Monster Portraits

Old Rare Portraits

Until Late 2016, Rares had the same portraits as their common counterparts in everywhere within the game application (except on the News). However, on Facebook, when Rares got featured in a fortnightly voting period, or any other voting period, the Rares each had a unique type and style of portrait, different from the non-Rares, which is also evident in the News. Their positions in the portraits are often much like the portraits found on the usual portraits, except the portraits is not like the gray-colored Bubblerite Path pattern. Instead, these portraits have the monsters presenting on a dull-blue circular platform, with the purple background and a white cloud behind the "platform". Additionally, some monsters in portraits have a pair of eighth-notes in a speech bubble coming out of their mouth or their head.

During a vote for Rare Reebro or Rare Jeeode for a "Rare Rerun," Rare Jeeode and Rare Reebro had portraits that were the regular gray-colored Bubblerite Path pattern.

Only Natural Rares have their respective non-Bubblerite-Path-patterned portraits. Also, originally, the Rare Wubbox does not have the same Memory Game portrait as Rares.

In an update on 17th November 2016, Version 2.0.3, Rares got their own official portraits in the game that were the regular gray-colored Bubblerite Path pattern just like the other Monster portraits. Facebook link of this change is shown here.

Epic Monster Portraits

With the addition of the Epic Monsters, new Monster portraits were also added to the game, although only visible within the Memory Game as Epic Monsters cannot be used in Breeding attempts.


These are Monster portraits that are either unused or used but for a minor role.

In 2.0.6, Glowbes have portraits, which are used exclusively for their appearance on Composer Island.

In 2.2.1, Celestials were added along with their portraits, but these portraits seem to be unused, due to the lack of a Castle and Memory Game on Celestial Island.

In 1.0.4, there is unused data for a Monster named "Floot Fly", including a portrait. All of this data was unused because it had the Elements of Air, Plant, Earth, and Cold, and at the time there was no Earth Island to house all 4 of these Elements.

Since 2.1.8, because Shugabush Island doesn't have 25 Monsters, memory cards of the elements show up. The same is true for Psychic Island, Faerie Island, and Bone Island.

My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

HD Portrait


In Dawn of Fire, portraits are unlocked after having at least once possessed their respective monsters of their respective ages, baby or adult. If you had ever obtained any monster of a certain age, be it baby or adult, portraits for such monsters can be obtained, even if any of the species of monsters no longer exist on Continent or the Outer Islands. Portraits are also unlocked by getting a Celestial on Starhenge.

These portraits are available to be used as profile images for your account.






  • For the adults in msm dof, you have to have one on every island to unlock
  • The position the monsters are in on their Dawn Of Fire portraits are very similar between adult and baby forms, with the exception of Shrubb, Barrb, and Incisaur.
    • Baby Shrubb's and Adult Shrubb's Portraits are different because the Baby Shrubb shows its hands as well as its head, with the Adult Shrubb showing only its head.
    • Baby Barrb's and Adult Barrb's Portraits are different because Baby Barrb is facing to the left and Adult Barrb is facing towards the right.
    • Baby Incisaur‘s and Adult Incisaur‘s Portraits are different because Baby Incisaur is facing to the right and Adult Incisaur is facing to the left.
  • When the Book of Monsters first came out, the Rare Kazilleon portrait was broken originally. And instead used the common counterpart portrait of Kazilleon. Until weeks later, it was noticed and fixed into the all new Rare Kazilleon portrait.
  • In 1.18.0, Adult Reedling has a nose similar to Reedling in MSM, but Adult Reedling's portrait shows it having a black nose like its younger version. This was since changed in a later update.
  • Before the 2.2.4 update, Kayna didn't have a portrait since it wasn't in the Memory Game, in the Gold Island placing list, available in the Breeding Structure, or in the Book of Monsters.
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