Monster-Handlers is the nickname commonly given to the employees of Big Blue Bubble that are involved in the development of My Singing Monsters. They are often mentioned in the My Singing Monsters YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Twitter page.

Notable employees

Matthew Stewart AKA "Monster-Handler Matt"

  • Former Head of Social Media
  • Current User Engagement Specialist
  • Frequently appears in and narrates My Singing Monsters YouTube videos
  • Provides vocals for several monsters like Potbelly, Fwog, Oaktopus, and Mammott
  • Host of My Singing Monsters Live
  • Additional Design (My Singing Monsters)
  • Writing (My Singing Monsters)
  • Marketing and Social Media (My Singing Monsters)
  • Former Member of Support (My Singing Monsters)

Myles Kettle-Verleyen AKA "Monster-Handler Myles"

  • Member of the Community Engagement Team
  • Member of Support (My Singing Monsters)

David Kerr AKA "Monster-Handler Dave"

Michael Hammond AKA "Monster-Handler Mike"

  • Often co-hosts My Singing Monsters Live
  • Sometimes operates the camera for My Singing Monsters Live
  • Occasionally moderates the live chat for My Singing Monsters Live

Eric De Val AKA "Monster-Handler Eric"

Sydney Gingras AKA "Monster-Handler Sydney"

Monster-Handler Sydney

  • Occasionally co-hosts My Singing Monsters Live
  • Often moderates the live chat for My Singing Monsters Live
  • Adds new content to the My Singing Monsters Fan-Kit
  • Writes the in game bios for various monsters such as Epic Bowgart and young Incisaur

Christopher Elliott "Monster-Handler Chris"

  • Senior artist
  • Provides the voice for Grumpyre and Maw. Also voiced Blabbit in Following the Trail.

Sarah Parsons AKA "Monster-Handler Sarah"

"Monster-Handler Emma"

  • Quality Services Representative

Maggie Park AKA "Monster-Handler Maggie"

"Monster-Handler Kiki"

  • Quality services representative

Karen Chalmers AKA "Monster-Handler Karen"

Monster handler karen

  • Marketing director at Big Blue Bubble.
  • Sometimes voices Tweedle.

"Monster-Handler Kailey"

  • Lead programmer for My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire

"Monster-Handler Bell"

Monster handler bell

  • Unknown Monster-Handler?

"Monster-Handler Mark"

Monster handler mark

  • Unknown Monster-Handler?

"Monster-Hander Suzie"

  • Animates monsters, such as the Wublins, the Psychic Monsters, Epic Hoola, and some other monsters

Behind-the-scenes videos

The Monster Handlers released three videos on their YouTube channel that showed behind-the-scenes footage for the creation of various aspects of My Singing Monsters. The first one, titled "My Singing Monsters - Behind the Scenes!" was a general inside look that included clips from recordings for plant island as well as animation for a few monsters. The second one, titled "My Singing Monsters - Inside the Studio" was specifically about tribal island, featuring composer and singer Dave Kerr and showing clips of people singing what would eventually become the parts for almost all of the monsters on the island. The third one is called "My Singing Monsters - The Making of My Singing Monsters" where Matt, Chris, and Sarah talk about the designs of some of the monsters, the voices, some upcoming features, and other stuff.


  • "The Monster-Handlers of Big Blue Bubble wish you a Yippee Yay today!!!"
  • "One day, we might create a video explaining how breeding works, but we can at least tell you that it’s more like magic than “Tweedles and Humbugs.” ;)
  • "Yippy-kai-yay, monster lovers!"
  • "Are you ready to #WakeUpTheWublins?"
  • "Don't mean to bug you, but..."
  • "It's all about that bass..."
  • "We're on a roll here..."
  • "We're speechless. It's not..."
  • "If it looks like a Wublin, and it sounds like a Wublin..."
  • "A voice only a monster could love..."
  • "Talk about ear-splitting..."
  • "It's not that easy being clean..."
  • "On Wublin Island, everyone can hear you honk..."
  • "Oh, it'll tell you what it wants, what it really, really wants…"
  • "Shake what your maker gave ya'..."
  • "Head and shoulders above the rest..."
  • "It's cymbolic..."
  • "Slow and steady..."
  • "Keep chipping away..."
  • "Two is better than one..."
  • "What did Kayna discover? The origins of the Monster world? A new Island? New Monsters?"
  • "Happy Monstering!"
  • [when asked if Wubbox created the Wublins] "We're not sure, the creator likes to keep themselves shrouded in mystery...and dubstep."
  • "Could be baubles!" -Matt
  • "1, 2, 3, 4, SUBSCRIBE! 2, 3, 4, THE BUTTON! 2, 3, 4, DOWN BELOW! 2, 3, 4!" -Matt
  • "Bah!" -Matt
  • "Y'ol fool!" -Matt & Eric
  • "STUMPED." -Eric
  • "Do people want to see me floss? Is that what's happening? I'm very good at flossing!" -Matt
  • "So much to do, so much to see, so what's wrong with taking the Matt streets?" -Eric, parodying the song All Star.
  • "Oh! i've been... blued." -Sydney, making plasmic ooze in Monster Kitchen.
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