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Looks like this alternate version of Plant Island has gone a bit topsy-turvy, almost as if it's been flipped upside down. Monsters would feel comfortable approaching the ancient remains of what looks like a structure, if it weren't for the spasmodic sputters suggesting it might still be functional. The Plasma orbs and Ethereal sinews covering its surface reveal a close relationship between the elements of Plant and Plasma. After all, stranger things have happened.

Mirror Plant Island is the 1st Mirror Island. It can be bought for 100 Diamonds when the player have reached Level 20.

Mirror Plant Island


Mirror Plant Island should always be the first Mirror Island to unlock if optimal Mini-Mine production is to be added. In addition, paid players, which unlock Maximum Mines, can place a Maximum Mine there in place of a Mini-Mine.


Garden patch ruins.

Teleporter ruins

  • Like the other Mirror Islands, it holds a resemblance to its ethereal, those being the orbs from the Ghazt.
  • The Scarecrow from the Garden Patch in MSM DoF can be found on this island.
  • Remains of the Teleporter can also be seen.
  • All Monsters from Plant Island can be placed on Mirror Plant Island. The Mini-Mine and Maximum Mine can also be placed on Mirror Plant Island as well, but they can't both be on the Island at the same time. In short, Mirror Plant Island is basically Plant Island with a slightly different appearance, as well as being unable to have the Vegetable Medley skin.
  • Mirror Plant Island's Colossal can be heard snoring if you listen close enough.
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