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Alternate versions of the Natural Islands, unlocked at Level 20
"New Feature" description at Version 2.0

Mirror Islands icons

The Mirror Islands are a type of island, released in the Version 2.0.0 Update, on August 31, 2016. As its name suggests, these islands are the mirror versions of the Natural Islands, with slight modifications to them. They are unlocked at Level 20.


The Mirror Islands are essentially the mirrored versions of the Natural Islands, with mostly similar features. The song for each Mirror Island is identical to that of its respective Natural Island. Several differences from the Natural Islands include the Mirror Islands' cost, which is in Diamonds and strings of pink stuff strewn everywhere, which are “Ethereal sinews” according to the description of Mirror Plant Island. Lorewise, each Mirror Island represents a strong bond between a Natural element and its corresponding Ethereal element. Mirror Plant Island represents Plasma with its Ghazt orbs. Mirror Cold Island represents Shadow with the dark haze surrounding the Island, similar to a Grumpyre, Mirror Air Island represents Mech with brain matter resembling a Reebro. Mirror Water Island represents Crystal with its various pink and blue crystals, resembling those of the Jeeode and the Rare Jeeode. Lastly, Mirror Earth Island represents Poison with the yellow, presumably toxic haze surrounding the Island similar to a Humbug. In addition, there are some island design differences; remains of structures from the supposed fall of Dawn of Fire, such as a damaged Mammott scarecrow from the Garden Patch and a dull version of the Wondermine are present. The Teleporter is also present.


Looks like this alternate version of Plant Island has gone a bit topsy-turvy, almost as if it's been flipped upside down. Monsters would feel comfortable approaching the ancient remains of what looks like a Teleporter structure, if it weren't for the spasmodic sputters suggesting it might still be functional. The plasma orbs and Ethereal sinews covering its surface reveal a close relationship between the elements of Plant and Plasma. After all, stranger things have happened.
Mirror Plant Island

Ever look up into a wintry sky and wonder why it's that funny purply color? The residents of Mirror Cold Island get to experience this every day. Another popular experience for monsters here is to try and dislodge the fallen rocks obstructing the mouth to a wondrous cave. Many think that the 'swirl' glyph plentifully bestrewn on the rocks has something to do with a long forgotten technology used to travel to remote corners of the multiverse.
Mirror Cold Island
Even though the brain-like tissue that collects around the platforms of Mirror Air Island may unsettle some, it makes up for it by magically attracting some rainbows to its corner of the sky. The Colossal's goggles appear to be made from a rare variant of Skylite, a mineral long thought depleted in the Monster World. What marvels might be glimpsed through their azure lenses? We may never know.
Mirror Air Island
The living ocean has truly come alive around the Mirror Water Island. Crystals resembling those that make up the local Ethereal are seen poking up in the spaces between coral, and a mysterious relic not unlike the Tub Fountain's grimacing figure seems to emanate feelings of hope and possibility. The Monsters wish they knew more about how all this came about, but for now, they'll have to be content to enjoy its splendor.
Mirror Water Island
It's generally advisable to keep a safe distance from molten magma, which is why the monsters are stumped that anyone could have gotten close enough to carve a mini-volcano out of Earth Island's crust. The noxious green fumes that encircle Mirror Earth Island may well be a consequence of the volcano's construction and tampering with the natural order - but it's equally possible that they represent an apparent harmony between Earth and Poison.
Mirror Earth Island

Not much is known yet about these islands but it is known that they are parallel to the five Natural Islands. Each island has a slightly different coloration, and they are covered in some kind of pink webbing. Each island also exhibits traits of the Ethereal Monster it hosts: Plant Island is covered in Ghazt orbs; Cold Island has black smoke clouds above it like those that surround the Grumpyre; Air Island has raised platforms that resemble brains, much like those on Ethereal Island, except they match the colors of the Reebro; Water Island is embedded with pink and blue-green crystals, which are the colors of the Jeeode and the Rare Jeeode, and the color of the element manifested by the Jeeode respectively; and Earth Island is surrounded by sickly green smog and poisonous green gas, similar to the color of the Humbug and that of the Humbug's element.

Evidence of the fall of Dawn of Fire is apparent such as a damaged Mammott Scarecrow from the Garden Patch and some ruins of the Teleporter on Plant Island's Mirror, a Wondermine lacking energy on Cold Island's Mirror, a broken Skyship on Air Island's Mirror, and scrapped Dawn of Fire structures, the Wishing Well on Water Island's Mirror, and the Deconstructor on Earth Island's Mirror.


The cost per each Mirror Island is as follows:

  • 100 Diamonds to buy Mirror Plant Island
  • 200 Diamonds to buy Mirror Cold Island
  • 300 Diamonds to buy Mirror Air Island
  • 400 Diamonds to buy Mirror Water Island
  • 500 Diamonds to buy Mirror Earth Island

These islands can be bought in any order, though it is recommended to buy Mirror Plant Island first, as it is the cheapest and most economic Mirror Island.



  • Mirror Islands got their respective icons in a later version of the game. However, the icons were teased just before their release.
  • All Mini-Mines can be placed on Mirror Islands. Additionally, the Maximum Mine can also be placed on Mirror Plant Island as well, but not both Mini-Mines and Maximum Mines on the same Mirror Plant Island.
  • Monsters from the Mirror Islands can still be placed on Gold Island or teleported to the islands that allow monsters to be teleported.
  • Interestingly, the broken Skyship is the concept one, and not the one from DOF.
  • Real descriptions of each Mirror Island were added into the game by 'Downloading New Files', a few hours prior to the Whajje being added the same way.
  • All the broken DOF structures in these islands may indicate that they are the original Continent. This has been confirmed from the Fire Haven description.
  • Mirror Islands can help get Wublins, especially hard ones like Dwumrohl or Bona-Petite, and Celestials.
  • All of the Mirror Islands have only been discounted a total of four times. It was discounted during Anniversary Month on September 29th, 2017, and then October 6th, 2018, and then August 28th, 2019, and then on August 27th, 2021.
  • The description of Mirror Plant Island references Netflix's Stranger Things.
  • According to lore, looking at a mirror on one of the Natural Islands will show the corresponding Mirror Island, and vice versa.
  • Mirror Islands exist in an alternate timeline, noted in My Singing Monsters Live #71, the March 20th, 2020 MSM Live stream
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