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The following article is about something that has been removed from MSM until further notice.
Please only edit this article if you have played MSM while this was included.
Want to make some diamonds? Of course you do! Mining is a long process though, so it will take a while.

The mine was a structure that could be built on each island. Each mine yielded 2 Diamond25px every 12 hours. Placing a mine for the first time gave 1 million experience points.

The mine was superseded in the market by the Mini Mine on March 1, 2013.  No new mines may be purchased, but any pre-existing mines will remain until sold.


  • The Mine returned for about 10 minutes on June 14th 2013 at 3pm EST, which is the last time it has been available to date.
  • The Mine has returned as a Maximum Mine which is upgradable from Mini-Mine or buyable in the Market only on Plant Island after buying at least one currency pack for real money since the update 1.3.0.
  • According to the Wubbox description, the Wubbox arrived after the Mine was phasing out production. Though it could have been the wondermine.
  • MineClosingDown
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Castle Breeding Structure Nursery Bakery Mini-Mine Maximum Mine Wishing Torch
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