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Upon resettlement of the Colossingum, the Monsters undertook the construction of a Mess Hall, the Structure where Monsters not on active musical duty can enjoy some rest and relaxation - and believe us when we say that Monsters really put the 'mess' in Mess Hall. It also serves as the communication center for the Colossingum, broadcasting motivational tunes to keep Monsters awaiting their next assignment energized and in good spirits!
Mess Hall

The Mess Hall is a Structure unique to The Colossingum, and behaves much like a Hotel. Its purpose is to store Monsters not being used for battles in The Colossingum. Each Monster occupies the same number of Bed it would on any other Island. Although the Mess Hall has beds, The Colossingum has no limitation to how many monsters it can hold other than its physical limits.


Castle Cost Time Battle XP Beds
Mess Hall Free N/A N/A 25
Messy Mess Hall 50,000 Coins 6 hours 250 Battle XP.png 50
Extra Messy Mess Hall 100,000 Coins 12 hours 500 Battle XP.png 75


  • As of 3.0.1, it is possible to move the Mess Hall without having to tap and hold it.
  • Due to its maximum capacity of 75 beds as the Extra Messy Hall, it is capable of housing 1 of every monster, excluding the 5 seasonals (who together take up an extra 6 beds)
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