General Merchandise

Throughout the years, many types of merchandise have been released, including tops, hoodies, necklaces, and phone cases; most have a selection of colors to choose from. There was also a vinyl version of the soundtrack available for a limited time.

Commonwealth Toys Plushes

  • Commonwealth Kayna Plush
  • Commonwealth Pompom Plush
  • Commonwealth Furcorn Plush
  • Commonwealth Ghazt Plush
  • Commonwealth Bowgart Plush
The first wave of Commonwealth toys plushes consisted of Ghazt, Pompom, Furcorn​​​​​​, and Kayna.

More plushes have been stated to come and as of now we know this will include Noggin, Toe Jammer, Yool, Bowgart, and other monsters as shown in a My Singing Monsters livestream.

PlayMonster Merchandise


The first wave of PlayMonster merchandise is slated to release in fall 2019. "The multi-year agreement covers figures, playsets, games, and accessories". So far, in the Plant Island series of toys, the Mammot, Noggin, Toe Jammer, Maw, Furcorn, and Entbrat have been released. According to MSM Live #45 (57:30), the Drumpler, Fwog, Pummel, Tawkerr, and Potbelly are planned to be released soon.

PlayMonster has also released a line of Dawn of Fire toys. The first series includes baby PomPom, Potbelly, Mammot, Maw, Toe Jammer, Dandioo, Furcorn, and Flowah.

Single-Pack Musical Figures

Single-Pack Spooktacle Musical Figures

Triple-Pack Musical Figures

Fanwraps Merchandise

Fanwraps merchandise will include "a line of automotive products, home decor, collectibles, and electronic accessories".

Phone Cases

iPhone 5 and later iPhones are supported. Other phone versions are available too.

Discontinued Merchandise

  • Mammott Plush
  • Furcorn Plush
  • Second Edition Of Mammott Plush
  • Kayna Plush (with sounds)
  • Entbrat Plush
  • Pompom Plush (with sounds)
  • Halloween Mammott PullOver
There were several plushes made before the licensing agreement between Commonwealth Toys and Big Blue Bubble (and Wind Sun Sky Entertainment). This included 2 plush that made sounds Kayna and Pompom. It also included 2 variations of the Mammott plush.


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