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Mech is an Ethereal element in My Singing Monsters that is manifested by the Reebro and on Air Island as well as Ethereal Island. It is unlocked at level 9.

All Mech Element Monsters have some sort of metal in their bodies. They are all associated with technology: many Mech monsters use a high-tech armor in order to live, as their "real" bodies are fragile without it.

Affiliated Monsters

The list of monsters that are affiliated with the Mech element are listed below.

Elemental Number Monster Rare Epic
Single Element Reebro.png
Rare Reebro.png
Rare Reebro
Epic Reebro.png
Epic Reebro
Double Element Nebulob.png
Rare Nebulob.png
Rare Nebulob
Double Element Arackulele.png
Rare Arackulele.png
Rare Arackulele
Double Element Bellowfish.png
Rare Bellowfish.png
Rare Bellowfish
Double Element Dragong.png
Rare Dragong.png
Rare Dragong


  • The Version 2.0.0 Update came with a graphical facelift and changed the element icons. The appearance of the Mech element icon changed from Mech Element (old).png to Mech Element.png
  • Although Mech is not available in Dawn of Fire, the Celestial of Mech, Vhamp, is.
  • Nebulob is the only Mech Monster that has Vocals.


The Mech Element takes the appearance of three silver cogs, and is centered inside its unique grey circle.