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Baby Bio:

A Maw pup has no eyes of which to speak, but it can still see! By sampling the air with its tongue and projecting the olfactory information via taste receptors onto the roof of its mouth, it creates an image in its brain that allows it to 'see' - and in every shade of pink imaginable! Explains the Maw pup's perpetually rosy disposition, despite inadvertently catching flies in its gaping yap from time to time. What would happen if this fleecy little fur ball were to close its mouth? We'll probably never, ever know.

Adult Bio:

First, can we just say it's a good thing the Maw has only it's lower-or "mandibular" teeth, lest it bite its own tongue off? Alas, Maw is a bit of a blabbermouth. To be fair, it couldn't hold its tongue even if it wanted to, owing to the fact it doesn't have hands. So, does it ever close its mouth? Judging from the eye rolls of its monster pals, the answer is decidedly 'no'. Maw's favorite pizza toppings include pickled turnip and jellied beets.


Maw is a 2-Element Monster that came by itself on Version 1.11.0.

As a baby, its has pink and light green fur with four light blue spots. Its lips are yellow with buck teeth sticking out of the mouth.

As an adult, it has the same appearance from the original game, My Singing Monsters, but has better graphics (specifically its fur) and animation.


Baby Maw

Voice actor: Christopher Elliot

The Maw sings "deedee, deedee, deedee, deedee, dee do deedee, deedee,!" It sings during the part where the Wynq sings on the continent.

On Party Island, It sings, "dee, deedeedee, deedeedee, deedeedeedeedee deedeedee, deedeedee, deedeedee, deedeedee!" After it sings its first part, a second voice provides a harmony when it sings the second part where Kayna, Furcorn, or PomPom sing along with the Candelavra.


The Maw can be bred with the combination of Water and Cold. The possible combinations are:

Feeding Monsters

The Maw will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Maw can be teleported to Party Island at level 5 for award of 2. Teleport time for Maw is 5 minutes.


  • Nearly in the end on the My Singing Monsters Soundtrack track "Continent", the Maw can be heard when Wynq plays.
  • Baby Maw is the second smallest monster, the first being baby Furcorn, this title was previously held by baby Yelmut.
  • Link about Maw's debut.
  • This is the seventh monster in DoF that changes size when it's an adult. The first and second are Quibble and Flum Ox, the third is Wynq, the fourth is Tring, the fifth and sixth are Deedge and Sneyser.
  • This is the second monster that's exclusive to the Continent and Party Island. The first is Shrubb.
    • They are both in the original game, as well.
    • They both have 2 elements.
  • In the original game, it takes 30 minutes to breed a Maw, in DoF, it takes 8 hours. Fwog shares this trait.
  • Just like in the original game, when a Maw sleeps, its mouth moves to look like it‘s snoring.
  • Maw started the trend of releasing a single monster every update, always intercalating between a non-Fire Monster and a Fire Monster. Before that, a non-Fire Monster and a Fire Monster were released together with every update.
  • The blue spots on the baby Maw may be dewdrops.
  • Weirdly, on the MSM Guide, DoF Adult Maw has the same sprite as Maw from MSM.
  • The DOF description of Maw is quite inaccurate, as it says that the Maw "never closes its mouth" despite it closing its mouth from time to time in its animation. This could be referring to its "talkativeness" mentioned in the bio, however.
  • Strangely, while baby Maw only has upper teeth, adult Maw only has lower teeth.
  • The yellow dots on Maw’s egg appear on its adult form, though the green moss-like fur doesn’t appear at all.
  • The soundtrack can be heard during baby Maw's song. This proves BBB has recorded the sound using the soundtrack to control the tempo of sound. It can't be noticed unless headphones are used with a high volume.

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