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Sometimes referred to as a 'clowdyawper', the Maulch is a mound of potting soil with a pronounced underbite. Its vocalizations suggest it gargles with ballast and sandpaper for fun. Its berries - should one be so foolish as to sample them - taste like cinnamon mayonnaise mixed with ham cola and profound regret. The leaf-like appendage atop its noggin acts as a handy parasol, protecting it from inclement weather and some of the more peculiar atmospheric emissions endemic to Wublin Island. It's easily startled by hiccups and denim hats.


The Maulch is the 18th Wublin. Judging from its description, the Maulch is literally a clump of dirt with a frog-like face and brown skin with maroon spots. It has a big yellow-green mouth with four sharp teeth in its underbite, with the teeth at the ends of the mouth being the largest, while the middle teeth are smaller. The Maulch has four eyes and a large red leaf on its head with a curl on it and two orange berries on its stem. It has large, sharp claws and has brick-like stones holding back its body.

The Maulch shares some characteristics with several of the monsters that it requires. The dirt and rocks on its body are from Quarrister and Noggin, the leaf is from Spunge, Entbrat, Furcorn, and Clamble, and its teeth is from Pummel and Furcorn.


Voice actor: Unknown

The Maulch sings "Get Down, Get down! Get down, Get down and funky!" in a rather raspy and deep voice, similar to the Dermit.

Earning Rate

The Maulch, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate, although always less than a day.

Multiple Maulchs may produce any of these four currencies independently from each other: Coins (Coins), Shards (Shards), Treats (Treats), and Diamonds (Diamonds).

Powering Up

The allotted time to fill a Maulch in order to activate is 7 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Maulch resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.

Egg Time Islands to Breed On
Spunge-egg.pngx6 12 hours Cold Island.png
Water Island.png
Pummel-egg.pngx6 12 hours Plant Island.png
Water Island.png
Noggin-egg.pngx6 5 seconds Plant Island.png
Air Island.png
Water Island.png
Earth Island.png
Fire Haven.png
Faerie Island.png
Bone Island.png
Entbrat-egg.pngx4 24 hours Plant Island.png
Quarrister-egg.pngx4 24 hours Earth Island.png
Clamble-egg.pngx4 12 hours Plant Island.png
Earth Island.png
Furcorn-egg.pngx8 8 hours Plant Island.png
Cold Island.png
Earth Island.png
Light Island.png
Shugabush Island.png


Maulch requires Earth Island due to its Quarristers

  1. As a preemptive measure, have an Entbrat egg, a Spunge Egg, a Pummel egg, and a Quarrister egg prepared before you zap your first egg into the Maulch. This process can save a lot of time, as the majority of the monsters required to wake up Maulch take 12 hours or longer to incubate. Additionally, try to prepare a Furcorn egg on Shugabush Island.
  2. Breed the Entbrats on Plant Island, the Spunges on Cold Island, the Pummels on Water Island, and the Quarristers on Earth Island. Since every monster required except Noggin has the Plant element, you can freely breed your Noggins on Air Island, Fire Haven, Faerie Island, and Bone Island. Furcorns are the only required monsters on Shugabush Island, so begin breeding them there; however, you run the risk of breeding a Shugabush or a Shugabeats, which both take over a day to process through the Breeding Station. Light Island is also a good spot to breed Furcorns
  3. Breed the Clambles and the Furcorns once you have finished breeding the Entbrats and the Quarristers; as both monsters are available on both islands, it does not matter which Quad is finished first. Alternatively, breed the Furcorns on Cold Island once you have finished breeding the required Spunges. It is recommended to use Clamble + Rare Clamble. If you use Clamble + Entbrat or Quarrister, there is a 1% chance that the outcome will be a Ghazt or a Humbug

You have a seven day time limit, so you should have a good chance of breeding the required Quads. If you have the Rare variants of the Quads, Maulch becomes significantly easier to wake up.

Name Origin

Maulch seems to come from mulch, as it has a theme of plants and the ground, and that it is literally a pile of dirt. Maulch also sounds like and looks similar to a Mole.

Possible Monster Names

To see all possible names for Maulch, see Monster Names.


  • Maulch was released without a teaser on Facebook or Twitter. It is the only Wublin to be released like this, not counting Wubbox, who was teased, albeit in a different manner.
  • As most people know, a new Wublin is released the last Friday of every month. However, the Maulch was released June 29, 2017, on a Thursday.
  • Maulch is the first and only vocal Wublin to be released in 2017.
  • Maulch is the third Wublin to sing words. The first is Brump, the second is Blipsqueak.
  • The Wublin that came out just before Maulch was Blipsqueak. Oddly, both sing English words, and were released on a Thursday instead of a Friday.
  • Coincidentally both Tympa and Maulch were both released on a Thursday and released in June, and they were 10 Wublins apart.
  • When Fleechwurm was teased, the description read “Could it be?! Another puzzle was found tucked between Maulch‘s teeth this morning!“
  • Maulch most likely resembles the Potato Mine from Plants vs Zombies because they both are brown, inside underground holes and have something red on top of them.
  • Every monster zapped into this Wublin except Entbrat and Quarrister teleport to Space Island in the prequel

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