My Singing Monsters

Mailbox is a function released to My Singing Monsters since Version 2.1.0. Replaced News.


Unlike the original News, the Mailbox has a Furcorn read the mail to you, like the tutorial. There are no pictures to go along with the Furcorn. Unfortunately, this also means that the news message displays cannot be shown other than as randomly generated messages after loading the game.

The Mailbox can also give gifts to the player for various events and contests. Additionally, the Mailbox is used for the Monster Handlers to send a compensatory gift to all players whenever Big Blue Bubble does a routine server maintenance or fixes a major global game bug.



  • It has graphical user interface similar to Dawn of Fire's Mailbox.
  • During Spooktacle and Yay, the Furcorn reading the mail was wearing its costume.
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