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The Magical Islands consist of five islands in My Singing Monsters: Light Island, Psychic Island, Faerie Island, Bone Island, and Magical Sanctum. They get their names from the magical elements with their associated monsters.

All islands require you to get Fire Haven.

4 out of 5 of these islands were in My Singing Monsters Dawn: of Fire, Light Island as Party Island, Psychic Island as Space Island, Faerie Island as Cloud Island, and Bone Island as Cave Island, Magical Sanctum was only discovered after the Dawn of Fire.


Each Magical Island (excluding Magical Sanctum) contains a set of two naturals, a Magical Monster, and Kayna, Light Island has: Potbelly, Mammott, Kayna, and Fluoress, Psychic Island has: Potbelly, Toe Jammer, Kayna, and Theremind, Faerie Island has: Noggin, Mammott, Kayna, and Floot Fly, Bone Island has: Noggin, Toe Jammer, Kayna, and Clackula.

Magical Sanctum is different compared to the other 4, Magical Sanctum has all for Single Element Magical Monster, those being: Fluoress, Theremind, Floot Fly, and Clackula.

To unlock the magical islands you will need:

Indigenous Monsters

All Magical Monsters are found on all 4 of these islands.

Monsters not on the Islands are: