Current login screen (MSM)

Loading Screen Dawn of Fire 2.3.0

Current login screen (DoF)

The Login Screen, also known by a variety of other names, such as Startup Screen and Loading Screen, is the screen that appears at the start of My Singing Monsters and Dawn of Fire when starting up the game. They can change depending on different version or due to special occasions such as Halloween specials or the release of a new feature in the game.

Login screens have also been known to tease upcoming content, in both the first game and DOF, such as the Seasonal login screens from 2016-17 teasing the Rare Seasonals, the Easter 2016 login screen teasing Wublin Island (and referencing Blabbit‘s Scroll), the Fire Oasis login screen teasing Rare Floogull, the seasonal log-in screens from 2018-2019 teasing Epic Seasonals, The Feast-Ember 2019 Login screen teasing EPic Dandidoo, the Season of Love login 2020 teasing Epic Drumpler and Rare Boskus, and the current 2.4.1 login screen teasing Rare Barrb and Rare Glowl. While it's been confirmed, the Version 1.14.0 login screen for DOF did teased Quarrister, as an egg can be seen in the bottom left hand corner and in the 1.15.0 log-in screen, it teased that Doose was on the cliff of Air Lands, and the 2.1.0 login screen in DoF did teased Prismatic Tweedle, Prismatic Mammott, Prismatic Potbelly, and Prismatic Noggin, and the current 2.3.0 login screen is teasing some upcoming prismatics.

My Singing Monsters

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The Tips shown in the Login Screen for My Singing Monsters varies randomly upon logging in.

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My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire


  • SummerSong 2018 doesn't have its own startup screen due to Celestials startup screen-filling instead.
  • The Eggstravaganza 2019 loading screen was accidentally put into the early game on March 20th, a couple of weeks before it should've come out. Although, it was immediately removed until its official update.
  • The loading screen in the 1.19.0 update for Dawn of Fire has a reference to Rare Cybop's in-game description.
  • The Dawn of Fire 1.15.1 loading screen shows a scrapped monster, the Doose. It can be seen on one of the cliffs of Air Lands.
  • Dawn of Fire's 1.7.0-1.9.0 screen is the only one featuring monsters' silouhettes (The celestials).
  • Currently, the only areas in Dawn of Fire without any loading screen representing them is Waterlands, Earthlands, Space Island, and the actual island of Starhenge.
    • It is unlikely that we will ever see a loading screen showing Starhenge itself, as the island has been fully complete as of July 2017, and there are no signs of any update relating to it in the near future.
  • Notes on aspect ratio with common example ratio example images:
Login screen-aspect ratio narrow
  • Up until version 2.3.9, the main login screen was optimized for 4:3 devices such as the Apple iPad Mini 2. This aspect ratio makes it impossible to see specific features along the top/bottom of the login screen in wider ratios, such as the Epic Riff teaser as seen on the 2019 Spooktackle login screen.
Login screen-aspect ratio wide
  • As of version 2.3.9, the main login screen is optimized for widescreen 19.5:9 aspect ratio devices such as the Apple iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS Max. This aspect ratio makes it impossible to see specific features along the left/right edge of the login screen in narrow ratios, such as Fwog and the Bone Island Critter as seen on the 2.3.9 release login screen.
  • In the MSM 2.4.1 update, the login screen teases Rare Barrb and Rare Glowl, supposedly. Something purple can be seen in the Vegidian Castle and something that looks something like a Glowl flying in the sky.
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