List of any type of thing unlocked by level.

Level Unlocked Things (Shown in Pop-Up Screen) Unlocked Lands and Actions (Not Shown)
1 Noggin, Kayna, Mammott, Stogg, Fruit Tree, Apple. -
2 Drumpler, Boskus, Masher, Applesauce, Vegidian Crystal. Clearing Green Tree
3 Ziggurab, Garden Patch, Grain. -
4 Bakery, Coconut, Apple Tart, Market. -
5 Toe Jammer, Fwog, Phangler, Thrumble, Wynq, Maw, T-Rox, Coconut Butter. Clearing Rocks
6 Bog, Bamboo, Jeweler, Diamond Extractor, Polished Vegidian Crystal, Carved Vegidian Crystal. -
7 Potbelly, Pummel, Bowgart, Sooza, Oaktopus, Furcorn, Flowah, Rootitoot/DoF, Workshop, Repatillo, Clamble, Shrubb, Edamimi, Entbrat, Bamboo Flute, Small Bush, Barnacle Palm, Wheatgrass Hut, Rock Garden, Apple Barrel. -
8 Juicer, Apple Juice. -
9 Tweedle, Floogull, Woolabee, Flum Ox, Whaddle, PomPom, Dandidoo, Quibble, Glowl, Yelmut, ThumpiesShellbeat, Deedge, Sneyser, Tring, Krillby, Pango, Barrb, Candelavra, Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, Frozium Crystal, Diamond (in Wondermine). Cold Lands, Clearing Frozen Tree, Clearing Slippery Rocks, Wondermine.
10 Sugar, Cookie, Gingerbread House, Slime.
11 Ice Machine, Tropical Slime, Ice, Polished Frozium Crystal.
12 Apple Ice Pop, Bottomless Pit, Mushroom.
13 Cooking Pot, Mushroom Umbrella, Dragon Tower, Coconut Cheese.
14 Log, Ice Cream, Carved Frozium Crystal.
15 Chair, Cozee Cabin, Hot Pepper, Funguy Rest
16 Lemon, Blooming Chair, Syrup.
17 Apothecary, Lemon Drop, Cough Syrup.
18 Lemon Cake, Amber.
19 Lemonade, Skylite Crystal, Polished Skylite Crystal, Carved Skylite Crystal. Air Lands, Clearing Prickle Tree, Clearing Piled Rocks, Skyship.
20 Weavers, Flappy Flag, Wool, Oddree Trap
21 Cradle, Bandage.
22 Candy Factory, Candy Apple, Amber Lollipop.
23 Cactus, Peppermint Candy.
24 Spike Trio, Cactus Cheesecake, Glitter.
25 Tree Hut, Sour Ice Drops.
26 Tailor, Trunka Tree, Needle, Sunglasses.
27 Booster Shot, Wool Scarf, Glittery Scarf.
28 Sand, Stone, Desert Salad, Glyphy Stone
29 Mud Pie, Rattle, Spring.
30 Night Light, Cotton, Aquanine Crystal, Polished Aquanine Crystal, Carved Aquanine Crystal, Epicka Tree Water Lands, Clearing Coral Tree, Clearing Smooth Rocks.
31 Bouncy Mattress, Pillow.
32 Marshmallow.
33 Toy Factory, Polar Teddybear.
34 Tomato, Pizza.
35 Acorn, Tomato Soup.
36 Acorn Paste, Mushroom Pizza.
37 Swamp Stew.
38 Barbloo Statue, Copper, Nutbar, Rope.
39 Copper Trumpet, Earmuffs, Marionette.
40 String Noodles.
41 Pumpkin, Stonyx Crystals, Vegetable Juice. Earth Land, clearing Torchle Tree and Hot Rocks.
42 Curry Noodles, Pumpkin Pie.
43 Vitamin Pill.
44 Tire, Toy Car, Tiremallow Bush
45 Rocky Road Donut, Slingshot
46 Stroller.
47 Clockwork Monkey, Silk, Land Boat.
48 Kite.
49 Silk Scarf.
50 Ice Pack.
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