Key 2.0

2.0.0 version

Keys are a currency first released in the Version 1.4.2 update. They are used to purchase Dipsters. Each Dipster costs 1Key 2.0 on Plant Island, 2Key 2.0 on Cold Island, 3Key 2.0 on Air Island, 4Key 2.0 on Water Island, 5Key 2.0 on Earth Island, 3Key 2.0 on Fire Haven and Fire Oasis and 7Key 2.0 on Ethereal Island. You can only buy a max of 10 Dipsters of each type on each island.

As of Version 2.0.0, the old icon for the currency Keys (Key) has been replaced by a newer version (Key 2.0).


  • As gifts from friends. One free Key 2.0 can be gifted every 7 days to one friend (Formerly every 30 days). There is no way to find out who sent it. It is worth trying to contact any real-world friends or internet friends as to whom gifted you the key.
  • The Daily Login Bonus on or after Level 10(?) gives 1 key on Day 5 and 3 keys on Day 9.
  • In exchange for real-life currency, for a maximum cost of $5.00 USD per key. Collection of Keys costs $20.00 USD for 5 keys, while Lone Key costs $5.00 USD.
  • Monsters of level 16 or above have a chance of randomly generating 1 key (it is invisible until the monster's main currency is collected)


  • You can find a key exchange player, where you both gift each other your weekly key.
  • You can start up extra accounts and gift yourself more keys
  • Save your Keys until there is a Dipster Sale, where their cost is reduced to 1 Key 2.0.
  • Never buy Keys with real-world money. You should be able to naturally produce enough Keys to sustain a decent growth in Dipster collections across all of your islands without needing any form of microtransactions.


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