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Kayna wants to play a game! The Fire Elemental has given each of its new monster friends on Tribal Island a piece of a puzzle, and it's up to you, the My Singing Monsters community, to put it together!

Kayna's Map with all 30 pieces together

Kayna's Map was the name for a puzzle released by Big Blue Bubble for players to solve. It involved a picture of an old map, with weird symbols and images in it.

The full picture was split into at least thirty parts, which were sent to players of various countries, who would then post screenshots of the piece they received, allowing other players to decode what was hidden in them.

Multiple people could have received the same map piece, which could be combined with the others by using image editing programs.

The completed picture tuned out to be a sneak peek of the Continent from My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, which remained unrevealed at the time.


  • The map only shows Continent's first appearance when the game is started to be played. It does not include Water and Earth Lands which rise at certain levels of the game.
  • The symbols in the top left of the map are written in Monstrous, which is used by Big Blue Bubble to send secret messages to players.
    • In this case, the writings translate to "Kayna's map".