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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
Monsters get thirsty. Blend up something tasty in the Juicer.
In-game description

The Juicer is a secondary through quaternary Production Structure in Dawn of Fire that produces Crafting Items; it creates juices and other liquids. The Juicer is the ninth direct Production Structure, and the nineth overall Production Structure available in the game, unlocked at level 8.


The products that are produced by the Juicer are listed below.

Note: The production times shown below are the default times. Upgrading the Juicer will decrease the production times.

Crafting Item Recipe Production Time Unlock Level Market Price Experience Type of Item
Crafting Item Apple Juice.png
Apple Juice
2 Applesauce 40 minutes 8 164 - 273 Coins 2 Experience Tertiary, intermediate
Crafting Item Coconut Milk.png
Coconut Milk
3 Coconut 50 minutes 9 169 - 282 Coins 2 Experience Secondary, intermediate
Crafting Item Tropical Slime.png
Tropical Slime
1 Slime
1 Coconut
2 Apple Juice
1 Ice
2 hours 10 762 - 1,270 Coins 10 Experience Quaternary, end-product
Crafting Item Syrup.png
1 Log
1 Sugar
40 minutes 16 326 - 543 Coins 4 Experience Tertiary, intermediate
Crafting Item Lemonade.png
4 Lemon
2 Sugar
2 Ice
4 hours 19 1,233 - 2,055 Coins 16 Experience Tertiary, end-product
Crafting Item Vegetable Juice.png
Vegetable Juice
2 Pumpkin
1 Tomato
1 Cactus
8 hours 41 1445 - 2408 Coins 21 Experience Secondary, end-product


The Juicer may be upgraded to make processes a percentage faster. The equation for a Crafting Item's new speed after a certain upgrade is Original_Time * (100 / (0.95 + Upgrade_No * 0.05)), with "Original_Time" referring to the Crafting Item's default processing time, and "Upgrade_No" referring to the level that the structure is at after the upgrade.

The Juicer can be upgraded even when it is active. A random amount of crystals (a mix of Crystals, Polished Crystals and Carved Crystals, sometimes only one of a certain type) is required as well as coins. As the upgrade gets higher, the chances of getting a more expensive mix of Crystals is higher.

After upgrading, the selected Structure will run faster, and XP will be earned as well, the amount dependent on the difficulty of the combination of crystals.

Crystals + 100 Coins = 5% faster total.

Name Origin

As its name suggests, the Juicer is named after real-life appliances called juicers which extract juice from fruits and vegetables. Although not all of the Crafting Items made in the Juicer are necessarily made in a real-life juicer, the Juicer still juices these items and other liquid-based foods.


  • One of the Juicer's items, Tropical Slime, is the first quaternary Crafting Item encountered in the game.
  • One of the Juicer's items, Apple Juice, is the first non-Crystal tertiary Crafting Item to be encountered in the game.
  • The Juicer has been discounted before. The following are its past discounts:
    • In 2016:
    • In 2017:
      • 7 April 2017 19:00 UTC to 10 April 2017 UTC. Discount 50%
      • Anniversary Month: 11th September to 15th September 2017. Discount 50%.
    • In 2018:
      • 16th February 2018 to 18th February 2018. Discount 50%.
      • Anniversary Month 2018, from TBA September 2018 to TBA.
    • In 2019:
      • 16th August 2019 to 19th August 2019 for 3 days. Discount 50%.Link.
  • The Version 1.8.0 Update changed a few features of the Juicer:
    • As part of the "gameplay balance," all Crafting Items made by the Juicer except for Syrup, had their crafting times doubled.
    • The Market price range for the Crafting Items increased as a result of their longer production times. Their old Market price ranges were:
      • Apple Juice: 134 - 223 Coins.
      • Coconut Milk: 138 - 230 Coins.
      • Tropical Slime: 615 - 1,024 Coins.
      • Lemonade: 1,053 - 1,755 Coins.
      • Vegetable Juice: 1,085 - 1,808 Coins.

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