In Jammer Splash, there are over 400 different levels to play. Every level contains a different set of requirements to fulfill, and fulfilling all of the requirements in a level allows the player to pass the level. Passing a number of levels will allow access to the next land. The type of level is shown with distinguishable symbols that are less than or equal to the most difficult requirement out of the entire set of requirements. As the player progresses through different lands, more obstacles and requirements are added to the mix of possible game types, occasionally mixing in with each other.

Grass Lands

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Grass Lands contains 25 levels, up to Level 25. The features that can be unlocked include colored block requirements, dirt, saving the Toe Jammers requirements, one-layered blocks.

Frosty Fields

Frosty Fields contains 100 levels, up to Level 125. The features that can be unlocked include all of the previously unlocked as well as... (insert stuff)

Dry Dunes


Soaring Skies


Astral Plains



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