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In Dawn of Fire, there are currently a total of six islands: the Continent, which includes Plant, Cold, Air, Water, and Earth Land, the four Outer Islands, and Starhenge. The Continent and the Outer Islands all manifest the Natural elements of Plant (PlantElementDoF), Cold (ColdElementDoF), Air (AirElementDoF), Water (WaterElementDoF), Earth (EarthElementDoF), and Fire (FireElementDoF), while Starhenge manifests the Celestial element (Celestial Element DoF). Just like in My Singing Monsters, each island has its own unique song that is produced by the monsters who live there and work together. Similar to the Natural Islands of My Singing Monsters, the Continent is covered with Obstacles, or trees and rocks, that need to be cleared in order to make more space. These trees and rocks cost Coins (Coin25px-DoF) to be removed, however they cannot be bought back so they are gone permanently once removed.

The player first begins on the Continent, specifically on Plant Land, as it is the only land available at the start. As the player progresses through the game and levels up, the remaining lands on the Continent appear. To navigate between the other islands, the Map is used, which is unlocked by default at the start of the game. There are no level restrictions for the Outer Islands and Starhenge, nor do they need to be purchased since they are unlocked by default. For the Continent, Cold Land is unlocked at level 9, Air Land is unlocked at level 19, Water Land is unlocked at level 30, and Earth Land is unlocked at level 41.

Map Image Island Cost
Continent2 Continent Free / Starter (Plant Land)
Reach Level 9 (Cold Land)
Reach Level 19 (Air Land)
Reach Level 30 (Water Land)
Reach Level 41 (Earth Land)
Partyisle Party Island Free / Starter
Spaceisle Space Island Free / Starter
Cloudisle Cloud Island Free / Starter
Caveisle Cave Island Free / Starter
Starhenge2 Starhenge Free / Starter


  • Although consisting of multiple lands, the Continent is only counted as one island as all of its lands are connected.
  • Starhenge is unofficially referred to an "Outer Island," however it is technically not an Outer Island as monsters are not teleported from the Continent to Starhenge. This is one of the criteria for an island to be labeled as an Outer Island.
Islands (Dawn of Fire)
Continent2 Partyisle Spaceisle Cloudisle Caveisle
Continent Party Island Space Island Cloud Island Cave Island
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