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Island Skins add a new toggleable option to change an island's appearance for a price. Once an Island Skin has been bought, its Boosts are automatically added to that island. The Skin does not need to be activated to use the Boosts. Vegetable Medley, Sweti Settlement, Gigacheep Nest, Glubber Lagoon, and Temple of Hahoo are currently the only island skins.


Island Skins
Vegetable Medley.png Sweti Settlement.png Gigacheep Nest.png Glubber Lagoon.png Temple of Hahoo.png
Vegetable Medley Sweti Settlement Gigacheep Nest Glubber Lagoon Temple of Hahoo


  • Island Skins do not currently do different things
  • On Mobile, Island Skins can be purchased using Diamonds or as an In-App Purchase. On Steam, only the option to buy using Diamonds is available.