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The interface and some game play mechanics for My Singing Monsters is briefly covered by the introductory tutorial. This page provides further annotated screenshots of the interface with links to relevant articles.

Login Screen

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Interface - Login Screen

The first thing you see when opening My Singing Monsters is the Login Screen. The image shown may vary based on current events in the world of My Singing Monsters. Through this screen you can change who's playing My Singing Monsters if you share a device with someone else, or if you have more than one Account. By default, the game will automatically attempt to log into the Account that was last used.

  • A (Change User): Tapping this button lets you change who is playing My Singing Monsters. See the Change User / Log In section below for more information.
  • B (Play): Tapping this button will make the game log into the given Account. The Account type selected will be shown on the button.
  • C (question mark): This is the Help button. This button appears on many of the screens in the game, providing a bit more textual information on what is currently shown on the screen, items selected, and so on. A notable exception is the Help screen for the Breeding Structure, which offers a mini Breeding Guide instead.

Change User / Log In

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Interface - Login Screen - Login Method

  • A (Login method): Allows you to switch between Account types and Accounts. On Android devices the Game Center option will not appear, as it is Apple-device specific, while on Amazon devices this button is replaced with a Game Circle button instead. See the Account article for more (interface) details.
  • B (Curved arrow): Back button. This button appears on several of the screens in the game, and takes you back to the previous screen.

Main game screen

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Moving a Monster/Decoration/Structure

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Note: Flipping an item may make things like letters and numbers appear mirrored. However, in the 57th episode of My Singing Monsters Live, it was noted that in the actual Monster World, this is not the case and things like Structures and Decorations can be oriented freely.

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