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The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Baby Bio:

Its massive molars may be a dream to brush, but the Incisaur hatchling is a dentist's worst nightmare. This gator-like gabber loves to chat in the dentist's chair, but every utterance causes its pearly whites to collide in a ground-shaking, knee-quaking vibration. Floss at your own risk.

Adult Bio:

Incisaurs are cold-blooded creatures - and they like to keep it that way! These reptilian Monsters routinely use their capable claws to burrow into the cool earth below. Predictably, their favorite snack is also a temperature-tamer: a clear and crisp block of ice, which their gargantuan fangs can chomp through effortlessly.


Incisaur is a quad-element Fire hybrid for My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. It debuted in update (1.20.0).

The Incisaur is a T-Rex-like creature with some elements of rattlesnakes, orange eyes and a horn that resembles a rhinoceros beetle horn. It has large claws and teeth and appears to be drooling. Its skin is white with some light blue on the back, along with some light blue spikes, that becomes much larger when it becomes an adult. It's quadrupedal, despite its large hind legs. Also, its tail appears to look like that of a leopard gecko.


Instrument(s): Jawbone (Continent)/Vibraslap (Cloud)

It uses its teeth to make a vibraslap sound. As a baby, its sound resembles a jawbone, a predecessor to the vibraslap.


The Incisaur is bred with the combination of PlantElementDoF.png, WaterElementDoF.png, ColdElementDoF.png, and FireElementDoF.png. The combinations are:


Incisaur can be teleported to Cloud Island at level 15 for a reward of 4 diamonds. The teleportation time for Incisaur is 40 hours.

Name Origin

Its name is most likely derived from incisor (a tooth) and the suffix "-saur" as in dinosaur. Words such as incendiary, or incinerate may also play a part in the name origin, to tie in with the fire element of the monster.


  • MSM originally teased in "The Making Of My Singing Monsters" along with Reedling and Tiawa in the Cloud Island song.
  • There was a nickname contest for this monster:  It ran from when they announced Incisaur on March 22nd, 2019 until 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Standard Time on Friday, March 29th. MSM announced the winners on My Singing Monsters Live on the March 29th at 5PM (EST).
  • The last Dawn of Fire nickname contest before this one occurred just about three years earlier in April 2016.
  • Incisaur was the first, and currently the only monster in either game that begins with the letter "i".
  • The codename for the Incisaur is "Vibraslap", which is the name of the instrument it plays.
  • It was revealed at the beginning of My Singing Monsters Live, Episode 20.
    • During the episode, they revealed its name, its cave painting, its codename, that it is a 4 element, and that it teleports to Cloud Island.
    • It also seems that it is the third dinosaur-like Monster in the series. The first is T-Rox and the second is Stogg.
  • The design might be based on the fictional Indominus Rex, from the movie Jurassic World, another white-colored, T-Rex-like creature that starts with "in". There are a few similarities between them.
    • The vibraslap sound that the Incisaur makes could be similar to the Indomimus Rex's ability to communicate with velociraptors.
    • The Incisaur is cold-blooded, and its description with temperature tamer is similar to how the Indominus Rex from can change its temperature in the movies.
  • Its horn resembles the horn of a Synthetoceras, a cenozoic mammal.
    • This is all the more evident because it is a prehistoric and extinct animal, just like the dinosaurs, on which the monster is based.

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