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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Ice is the only Crafting Item in the Ice Machine and overall the 11th Crafting Item to be added into he game. Its market price is 86 - 143 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 11.


The Crafting Item Ice is a light blue ice cube with white outlines.


The following Crafting Items use Ice. Aside from feeding Monsters and filling Skyship orders, Crafting Items is the only purpose for Ice.

Crafting Item Source Recipe Production Time Unlock Level Market Price
Crafting Item Apple Ice Pop
Apple Ice Pop
Bakery DoF
2 Apple Juice
2 Ice
3 hours 12 765 - 1,275 Coin25px-DoF
Polished Frozium
Polished Frozium Crystal
Jeweler struct
5 Frozium Crystal
1 Ice
2 hours 14 434 - 723 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Tropical Slime
Tropical Slime
1 Slime
1 Coconut
2 Apple Juice
1 Ice
2 hours 10 762 - 1,270 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Lemonade
4 Lemon
2 Sugar
2 Ice
4 hours 19 1,233 - 2,055 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Cooking pot
Cooking Pot
2 Ice
2 Coconut Milk
2 Sugar
3 hours,
30 minutes
14 1,142 - 1,903 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Cactus Cheesecake
Cactus Cheesecake
Cooking pot
Cooking Pot
2 Cactus
2 Coconut Cheese
1 Ice
4 hours 24 2,105 - 3,508 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Ice Pack
Ice Pack
2 Silk
3 Ice
10 hours 50 1,728 - 2,880 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Sour Ice Drops
Sour Ice Drops
Candy factory
Candy Factory
1 Cactus
2 Lemon
1 Sugar
1 Ice
4 hours 25 915 - 1,525 Coin25px-DoF
Crafting Item Polar Teddybear
Polar Teddybear
Toy Factory
Toy Factory
3 Wool
2 Needle
2 Cotton
2 Ice
3 hours 33 1,502 - 2,503 Coin25px-DoF


To craft Ice, simply drag the "Ice" icon from the "Items" menu and into the slots menu, from top-left to top-right, all the way to bottom-left to bottom-right (if you have more slots). Then it will start generating a number of Ice, the number depending on how many slots you dragged into.

Alternatively, drag the "Ice" icon into the Structure itself to make the Fruit Tree start crafting one Ice; to craft multiple Ice, repeat the process until you have the number of pending Ice you desire.

It takes 30 minutes to craft one Ice without upgrades. On a max Ice Machine, it takes 20 minutes and 36 seconds to craft one Ice.

Once a Ice has been collected from crafting it, it rewards 1Experience per Ice.

Skyship requirements

When required in the Skyship, the 3 order will require 1-6 Ice, making a total of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18.


Simply just filling up all your Ice Machines with Ice will eventually get you a steady supply of it. Alternatively, just searching the shop for Ice can get a high quantity of it quickly.


  • This is the only crafting item in the Ice Machine.
    • It's also the only Crafting Item to be the sole Crafting Item to be craftable in a particular structure.
  • Ice previously had a different crafting time, prior to Version 2.0.0. Its crafting time was doubled and its old price was 63 - 105 Coin25px-DoF.

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