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The Hotel Structure is a Structure that can store monsters that players do not wish to sell.

After the structure is bought, players are able to use the "Check-In" section of the "move" button's menu to send the monster for a rest. Monsters resting in the Hotel Structure won't earn any coins and checked-in monsters will only affect the Happiness of other monsters on your island if you have a Unity Tree. Like the Castle, the Hotel Structure has limited space and stores monsters using the "bed" system. In other words, some monsters will occupy more than a single space, e.g., a Furcorn will occupy 2 spaces, a Clamble 3, and so on.

Storage Level Beds Cost Sell Experience
Humble Hotel.png
Humble Hotel
15 10
40 (Ethereal)
100,000 Coins
100 Shards
75,000 Coins
75 Shards
1,500XP icon.png
Hard to believe, but every once in a while, even singing monsters need a break from all that singing. Luckily, this humble little hotel serves up the right kind of atmosphere for monsters to rest and relax. Simply tap the 'Check In' button when moving a monster. The only drawbacks are that your monsters won't earn any coins while they're in here, and won't affect the happiness of any other monsters on your island, unless you have the Unity Tree.
Classy Hotel.png
Classy Hotel
18 20
10 Diamonds 150,000 Coins
150 Shards
7,000XP icon.png
The addition made all the difference. Now monsters can look forward to all the comforts of home while preserving the illusion that they're on vacation. It's very clever how they do it, something to do with the placement of furniture.
Grand Hotel.png
Grand Hotel
21 30
20 Diamonds 300,000 Coins
300 Shards
14,000XP icon.png
Don't let anybody tell you differently, it's worth the upgrade to first class. The grand hotel is almost so appealing that monsters will never want to come back out. We said 'almost.'
Enhanced Grand Hotel.png
Enhanced Grand Hotel
21 40
30 Diamonds 600,000 Coins
600 Shards
21,000XP icon.png
Necessity is the mother - or should we say Monster - of invention, and when new sub-species are discovered, we want to make sure they are welcomed with the proper pomp and circumstance. With that in mind, we bolstered the capacity of the Grand Hotel.
Hyper-Enhanced Grand Hotel.png
Hyper-Enhanced Grand Hotel
21 50
40 Diamonds 1,200,000 Coins
1,200 Shards
28,000XP icon.png
This is it! The pinnacle of luxury! You know how you can tell, besides the fact that there's physically more space to house Monsters? Neon signage. That stuff is the real deal.


  • You may only own one Hotel Structure per Island, excluding Gold Island, Wublin Island, Celestial Island, Composer Island, and Tribal Island where you can't have any.
  • The signs on the Hotel Structures say "HOTEL" in Monstrous.
  • As of 1.3.5, it is now possible to Sell Monsters in the Hotel.
  • Dipsters can be checked-in the Hotel Structures and do not count toward the beds occupied. So even if a Hotel Structure is completely full, Dipsters can still be checked-in past the bed limit.
  • 2.2.2 released two more upgrades, the Enhanced Grand Hotel and the Hyper-Enhanced Grand Hotel.
  • From September 7th 2018 to September 10th 2018, the Hotel Structure upgrades have been discounted by half. For some reason, its upgrades from Level 4 to Level 5 were not discounted by half but instead discounted to exactly 10 diamonds, saving much more diamonds in Levels 4 and 5.
  • Having a Hotel may let you check Monsters into the Hotel straight from the Nursery if the Castle does not have enough Beds available. See also Castle and Hotel Beds in the Castle page.
  • If a Monster has any resources produced, such as Coins and Shards, these will automatically be collected for you before the Monster is checked into the Hotel.
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