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Don't be fooled - this Decoration won't add an extra Bed to your Island - that's the job of Castles and Hotels. Still, it's perfect for a lazy snooze.

The Hammock is a decoration available from the StarShop, costing 200 Starpower (starpower).


The Hammock is a Hammock, a bed made of canvas suspended from two supports by rope at both ends.

Monsters Who Like It

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
File:Epic Furcorn.png
Epic Furcorn
Plant Island.png Cold Island.png Earth Island.png Light Island.png Shugabush Island.png
File:Epic PomPom.png
Epic PomPom
Air Island.png Earth Island.png Shugabush Island.png
File:Epic Oaktopus.png
Epic Oaktopus
Plant Island.png Cold Island.png Water Island.png Earth Island.png Psychic Island.png Shugabush Island.png
File:Epic Riff.png
Epic Riff
Air Island.png
File:Epic Stogg.png
Epic Stogg
Fire Haven.png Psychic Island.png Bone Island.png
File:Epic Jeeode.png
Epic Jeeode
Water Island.png Ethereal Island.png

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