Swim from the middle of the living ocean toward the shore, and you just might discover the fabled Glubber Lagoon! This Water Island Skin reveals the greatest sea creature known to Monsterkind: the gargantuan Glubber, a leviathan-like being that values nothing more than the revered treasures hidden within its bivalve shells. Legend says that, for the right Monster, these clams will open to reveal the most glorious treasure of all: the Gift of Glub.

NOTE: This Island Skin will not change the appearance of Obstacles or Obstacle Decorations.

In-game description


Glubber Lagoon is an Island Skin available for purchase. Once purchased, its appearance can be toggled on/off. Additionally, a permanent boost is added to Water Island upon purchasing.

Glubber Lagoon Empty


  • 10% speed up incubation in Nursery
  • 15% speed up of Monster Coin production
  • 2x multiplier for Wishing Torch effect

Once an Island Skin has been bought, its Boosts are automatically added to that Island. The Skin does not need to be activated to use the Boosts.

These Boosts only apply to regular Water Island, and not Mirror Water Island.


Glubber Lagoon Pack
  • It can only be activated on Water Island.
  • Glubber Lagoon was added in version 2.3.9.
  • It can be purchased for $9.99 USD or its approximate regional equivalent.
  • It is the last Island Skin to arrive on the Natural Islands.
  • It is the first Island Skin to include a notice in its bio that it does not change the appearance of Obstacles.
  • It was originally going to be called Glubber Reef.
  • It is also confirmed that Glubber Lagoon is the same Glubber from Party Island
  • The Island Skin's critter was seen in the Eggstravaganza 2020 Trailer video.
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Vegetable Medley Sweti Settlement Gigacheep Nest Glubber Lagoon Temple of Hahoo
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