Dawn of Fire

Baby Bio:

A Glowl nestling isn't afraid of the dark: it glows! The tail feathers are so intensely pigmented they continue to be luminous even when shed. Glowl plumes are highly prized as torches, and since these creatures molt only once in a lifetime, very rare.

Adult Bio:

Fully-fledged Glowls are an imposing sight, with a song that carries vast distances. There are many legends regarding the marvelous powers of a Glowl pinion, but they are never shed, and no one has ever attempted to pluck one.

Prismatic Bio:

This Glowl returned from the Prism Gate forever changed! Its lighter-than-air feathers and bright-burning tails have been altered at the molecular level to become stalwart scales of resplendent color and... no tail at all! Extraordinary!


The Glowl resembles an owl. Its feathers on its large wings are in an ombré pattern, starting at yellow and ending at magenta. It has a white patch on its chest and the body is covered in brown. It has eyebrows with purple markings. It has two tail feathers, each with a flame on it.

As an adult, it appears to look more like a phoenix (or an eagle). Its body is slouched/crouched. Its wings are larger, each with two claws or hooks on its tip. It has an additional flaming tail feather, and its beak is larger.

Prismatic Descriptions

Prismatic Glowl is more dragon-esque than the original glowl with scales on their wings. They also have spikes on the sides of their heads and bigger back legs. They also seem to have hands. also their tails are gone.


Baby glowl

Voice actress: Sarah Parsons

On The Continent, The Glowl sings "Hey ya hey hoo way, hey ya hey hoo way!"

On Cave Island, The Glowl sings "Haa, ya, ya, yoohh! Yaaaa-aah-ah! Haah, yah yah yoohh! Yaaaaaa, aah aah! Haa, ya, ya, yaaaaaa-aaaahhh!" It sings a tune in a similar way to the Yelmut.


A Glowl can be bred with a combination of Air and Fire. Possible combinations include:

Feeding Monsters

The Glowl will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Glowl can be teleported to Cave Island when fed to level 20 for a reward of 5 diamonds. Teleport time for Glowl is 10 hours.


During limited time events when Prism Gate is open and Glowl is available for transformation on Outer Islands, An Adult Glowl can be transformed into one of six different colored variants.

Color Base
Red Prismatic GlowlRed2% +1% per Template:Crafting Item19:00
Orange Prismatic GlowlOrange25% +1% per Template:Crafting Item14:00
Yellow Prismatic GlowlYellow15% +1% per Template:Crafting Item17:00
Green Prismatic GlowlGreen20% +1% per Template:Crafting Item15:00
Blue Prismatic GlowlBlue8% +1% per Template:Crafting Item18:00
Purple Prismatic GlowlPurple30% +1% per Template:Crafting Item12:00

Name Origin

Most likely a portmanteau of glow & owl.


  • One of the Glowl's possible names, Theena, is a reference to Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, who was symbolized by an owl.
  • Glowl looks like a cross between an owl, griffin, and phoenix.
  • In the code, it is called "Firebird".
  • The default name "Circe" is a witch in Greek mythology.
  • Weirdly enough, Glowl's body changes color when it grows to an adult.

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