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Glaishur's rebirth has given it a perspective on life that is as new and bright as freshly fallen snow. The cheerfully chill Celestial is embracing its newfound joie de vivre by taking up a creative hobby: snow sculpture! Many of this frosty giant's oeuvres are meticulously sculpted in the image of the Cold Elementals who revere it, but these Monsterpieces do not last long. Once a sculpture is complete, it is then toppled and molded anew, representing an eternal circle of life.


Glaishur is a yeti-like monster with purple and blue fur. When it is reborn, It has curly long hair, tied up at the top. He has ice cubes and a snowman head for drums, that he bashes.


Glaishur plays an echoing drum rythm with the whole song, and eventually he sings Rootitoot, Rootitootoo toododo doo! along with his drums and eventually repeats this song without the drums.


Glaishur cannot be bred. Like all Celestials, it is bought for TBA Diamond25px at the Market as an inactive statue that must be woken up.


Inactive statues bought on Celestial Island must be woken up in a similar fashion to the Wublins. Like all statues, Diamonds can be used to fill any any missing eggs and automatically wake up the statue. All statues have a time limit and must be filled within said limit, or the statue will reset.



Deedge (4) T Rox (2) Bowgart (3) Clamble(1) Congle (2) PomPom (3) Thumpies (2) Maw (5) Drumpler (7) Furcorn (10) Pango (8) Mammott (40)

Name origin

Glaishur's name comes from the word 'glacier' which is a snowy, cold habitat.


  • Since initial release of Loodvigg until 25th October, it was discounted to 76 diamonds.

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