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The embodiment of 'cool' with the warmest heart imaginable - such is the nature of the Glaishur. Amidst a confluence of ice crystals, gravity, and chill vibes, this frosty behemoth first manifested and is as abiding and unflappable as the cosmos itself. The expression 'cooler heads prevailed' is believed to have originated with this Monster, known for its ability to settle arguments between its fellow Celestials. With its guttural chant resonating throughout the universe, the Glaishur strikes its drums, marking the slow - indeed, glacial - passage of time.


The Glaishur is a bulky and oddly-proportioned Monster that somewhat resembles a Wampa. It has huge arms and upper body while the lower body is smaller. In its hands, it holds two icicles, which it uses to play as drumsticks. Its head is also disproportionally huge in relation to its body. It's covered in violet and sky blue fur on its body. Its head has eyes that are covered up, has grayish-white side burns and an underbite. Furthermore, it has ice horns, and its hair is put up with a red band.

It is the Celestial Monster of Cold.

Its constellation is called Frozen Form.


The Glaishur contributes to the song by playing a set of dampened frozen drums as well as reciting "draa, Uh a-ruttitoot traah".

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This is repeated on Celestial Island where it instead sings "Broodi tood, Broodi tood tood doo-doo-do doo".


Glaishur, like all other Celestials, cannot be bred. Instead, the player must cross all 24 points in Frozen Form within the month of March (31 days) to unlock Glaishur.


Completing Frozen Form will unlock Glaishur to be placed on Starhenge.

Name Origin

Its name is a corruption of the word "glacier", which is a body of dense ice which can be found in cold areas.


  • Glaishur, as shown in the teaser on this Facebook link, represents the element of Cold and the Constellation "Frozen Form".
  • Glaishur and Galvana are the only Celestials to play in both halves of the Starhenge song.
    • There are some similarities to their lyrics: when Glaishur says "rah-ti-ta-tah", Galvana says "roo-ti-too-too".
  • Glaishur is the second Celestial to sing and play a instrument, the first being Attmoz.
    • They are also currently the only two monsters in DoF to do so.
    • Glaishur is the fifth monster in the franchise to do this, with the fourth being Attmoz, the third being Congle, the second being Shugabush, and the first being Yool.
    • If you are born under the Cold Celestial Glaishur, your astrological sign is either a Pisces (March 1st - March 20th) or an Aries (March 21st - March 31st)

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