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Pareidolia is the phenomenon that describes seeing faces in inanimate objects, like this clearly-not-alive carrot of ginormous size. See, it even has a bite out of it. There's no way it cou-...


The Ginormous Carrot looks like a giant carrot mostly submerged into the ground. It has two chunks bitten out of it, and what appears like two thin eyes and a mouth with teeth. Occasionally it grins.


Ginormous Carrot is a Seasonal Decoration, only available for purchase during Eggs-Travaganza . Any that are bought will remain after the season ends.

Monsters who Like it

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Epic Blabbit.png
Epic Blabbit

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  • The Ginormous Carrot was released in 2019 Eggs-Travaganza, and part of it is shown in the background for this season´s loading screen.
  • It is a reference to Pareidolia, which is the name given to the act of seeing faces in inanimate objects.




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