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Dawn of Fire

Baby Bio:

What's that creature doing on dry land? Who knows, but it seems quite serene. Little is understood about the baffling life cycle of a Fwog. What an excellent topic for a Monster's thesis!

Adult Bio:

Having lost its pollywog tail, the adult Fwog is able to use its newly-grown legs to leap great distances.  Given the choice, it would prefer to remain comfortably earth-bound.

Prismatic Bio:

This Fwog returned from the Prism Gate forever changed! The Monster's rubbery, amphibian skin has toughened up and exposure to molecular level alteration has granted a diverse set of ceratopsian-like neck frills and markings - extraordinary!


The Fwog in Dawn of Fire is orange and pink. It resembles a small tadpole with crystals on its head, and small webbed feet. It has three eyes, and it always seems to frown.

As an adult, it grows to an adult sized frog, with all those distinguishing features from the original game. The only differences are the crystals, being red instead of purple; entirely blue feet, rather than scattered blue spots; orange spots by its eyes; lack of spots otherwise; and some other graphical enhancements, such as more realistic shading.

Prismatic Variants

Prismatic Fwogs have a large variety of different crests and frills upon its head. They also have a large variety of different types of creatures along with two clawed toes instead of the amphibious three toes of the normal Fwog.

  • Red Prismatic Fwogs have orange claws and a frill that seems to consist of fur. It also only has two eyes, which are holes with a yellow glowing orb floating just above it. The pink skin outline that surrounds the normal Fwog's eyes and mouth are gone.
  • Orange Prismatic Fwogs have large red eyes with purple eyelids. Their crests have 3 bulges running along it and the whole crest is spotted with purple scales.
  • Yellow Prismatic Fwogs have one very large blue eye with two eyelike patterns on the space next to the eye. The crest is very Triceratops like with blue spikes all around it. There are also two large blue spikes on the side of the body.
  • Green Prismatic Fwogs have three green eyes with several orange horns around it's crest and entire body. Smaller horns have thick rings while the larger ones are made of multiple layers stacked on top of eachother, each layer getting smaller as they go up.
  • Blue Prismatic Fwogs have two very far apart red eyes. The crest is covered with several protruding red crystals.
  • Purple Prismatic Fwogs have one small purple center eye. The crest is made of two oblong parts with a hypnotic swirl pattern, two eyelike patterns are at the center of each part. There are also multiple green horns on the side of it's body and in between the two crest parts.


Voice actor: Matthew J. Stewart

The baby Fwog sounds like a nasal "Waoh wa wa wa Waoh", and the adult Fwog sounds like a nasal "Wawawawaw Wawawawwaw Wawawawawawaw Waoh!"


The Fwog can be bred with the elements Water and Earth. The possible (and only) combination is:

Feeding Monsters

The Fwog will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Fwog can be teleported to Cave Island at level 20 for a reward of 5 diamonds. Teleport time for Fwog is 10 hours.


During limited time events when Prism Gate is open and Fwog is available for transformation on Outer Islands, an adult Fwog can be transformed into one of six different colored variants.

Color Base
Red Prismatic Fwog.png Red 25% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 14:00
Orange Prismatic Fwog.png Orange 30% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 12:00
Yellow Prismatic Fwog.png Yellow 8% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 18:00
Green Prismatic Fwog.png Green 2% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 19:00
Blue Prismatic Fwog.png Blue 15% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 17:00
Purple Prismatic Fwog.png Purple 20% +1% per Template:Crafting Item 15:00


  • On Cave Island, Fwog sings its longest part ever in both games.
  • The Fwog in the original game could be bred/incubated for 30 minutes; in Dawn of Fire, it has to be bred/incubated for 8 hours. The same trait is shared with Maw.
  • The Fwog's egg in Dawn of Fire is very different from the original game, having crystals, webbed toes, and a distinct peach coloration. Also, on close inspection, it is somewhat translucent.
  • Some people say that the Fwog is a tadpole during its baby form.
  • There was a bug where Orange Prismatic Fwog and Green Prismatic Fwog had their names swapped in the game. This was later fixed.
  • Orange Prismatic Fwog's head bears a strong resemblance to Repatillo.

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