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When the Glowbes first appeared, they brought with them the blueprints for a curious contraption of unknown purpose. In the spirit of diplomacy, the Singing Monsters diligently brought the plans to life, in a structure they later called the Fuzer. It was discovered that when two Glowbes entered the machine, a new Glowbe combining traits of the originals is created! This process takes some time, but luckily it seems to respond to diamonds' magical time-bending properties.

Conjuring / Fuzing

The Fuzer is a structure which can be purchased in the Market. It is available at level 13 and can be placed on all islands except The Colossingum, Tribal Island, Composer Island and Gold Island. Once placed on an island, it can be used to "Conjure" Glowbes. Glowbes cost 1000 Coin.png each or 1 Shard.png on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum. Glowbes are also available on Composer Island, but a Fuzer is not needed. It can also be used to combine ("Fuze") two existing Glowbes, which creates one new Glowbe with a color in between the colours of the original two. See more information about Glowbes and what happens to them here.

Conjuring or Fuzing takes 2 hours. Diamonds can be used to decrease this time. Note that it is impossible to conjure and fuze Glowbes at the same time.


You can buy red, yellow or blue Glowbes from the Fuzer for production for 1000 Coin.png each, or on Ethereal Island and Magical Sanctum, 1 Shard.png. After choosing the desired Glowbe, the structure will start working on producing the Glowbe chosen.


To Fuze two Glowbes, you start by selecting each of them in turn and clicking the "fuse" button. This removes them from the island and places them in the chambers of the Fuzer.  (If you change your mind before you start the Fuzing process, you can always restore the Glowbes from the Fuzer structure - you may click on the Fuzer and click "contents" and take any Glowbes out of the Fuzer.)  Once two Glowbes are in the Fuzer, it is ready to start working to produce the new "child" Glowbe.

It is possible to use two Glowbes of any colors.  The game won't stop you Fuzing two Glowbes of exactly the same color, though that would be wasteful!


  • As a Fuzer operates, it flashes red and blue lights, looking like the lights of a Christmas Tree.
  • Fuzer structure used to be called Chrombiner a few days before the version 1.3.3. That name was found in one of loading screen tips.
  • Glowbes appear asleep while in the Fuzer.
  • However, on the loading screen (at the time during the rise of the Glowbes) the player can see a Glowbe awake in a Fuzer.
  • Prior to Version 2.0.0, you can hear the sound of the Wild Bagpipe as viewed in View Mode when you conjure or fuze a Glowbe.
    • This has since been changed to electrical zapping sound effects
  • There can only be up to quinary colors.[citation needed]
  • The Fuzer was said to be connected to a portal-like system that allows the Glowbes to be 'lifted' out of their home dimension and 'plopped' into the Monster world in the 57th episode of My Singing Monsters Live. This could be referring to the Prism Gate.
  • In the same stream, it was noted that fuzing two Glowbes creates a new consciousness combined from the two Glowbes, rather than multiple consciousnesses existing within that new Glowbe.
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