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The Furnoss is said to have been forged in the living core of Fire and then expelled into the stars above in a prehistoric eruption. Once settled in the sky, it roared to life, throwing off sparks and casting light down on the world below. Possessing smoldering patience, a molten heart, and searing wisdom, it is the symbolic hearth around which all Fire-born gather. With its soul ablaze and its heart on its sleeve, Furnoss ignites the flames of inspiration, leading its fiery bandmates in a combustion of song and inextinguishable joy.


The Furnoss is a monster whose head and neck resembles that of a Chinese Dragon without its beard, but it does retain the moustache. It has a body fashioned like a round, brick furnace and has an oven with two stubby arms that don't seem to do anything and two tiny, insignificant feet that are orange with claws. It has another pair of arms on its head that are longer, which it holds lit match sticks and use them to play its drums with. Its stone drums and horns have orange markings of a spiral commonly found in BBB games (even predating MSM).

It is the Celestial monster of Fire.

Its constellation is called Core Aflame.


It makes a drum sound with a fainted echo by playing on the stones in front of it. It plays in another segment along with Glaishur, Blassoom, Syncopite, Vhamp, and Galvana.


Furnoss cannot be bred; instead, like all Celestials, it can only be placed after its egg reaches the portal in the Daily Login Game. 24 spaces have to be done before the Furnoss can reach its portal. A 28-day time limit (Potentially 29-day if on a leap year) appears for all Furnosss(Grammar mistake?) to reach the portal.

The Furnoss is available in the Daily Login Game during every February.


Like all Celestials, the Furnoss automatically gets teleported to Starhenge if their species' egg reaches the portal within the time limits.

Name Origin

Its name comes from the word "Furnace", a device used for heating. A furnace is very similar to an oven, but can get much hotter: they are used to make steel, pottery, etc. Foúrnos in Greek also means oven.


  • The fact that the Furnoss appears like a Chinese dragon is probably correspondent of Chinese New Year being around February most of the time.
  • Furnoss, along with Glaishur, Blasoom, Syncopite, Vhamp, and Galvana, play an additional part that all the previous ones don't.
    • This represents the second half of the remaining Celestials, and represents the second half of Starhenge's song.
  • Furnoss' idle animation used to be somewhat broken, as while swaying its head, it seemed to jump at the end of the animation to loop back. Adult Bowgart also shares this trait.
  • It somewhat resembles the Alolan Exeggutor from Pokémon.
  • Furnoss is the only Celestial to be available for the shortest time to get, 28 days (29 days on leap years).
  • After BBB fixed the log in problems occurring in February 2017, every player who had Version 1.10.2 got a free Furnoss (via the Mailbox). Link.
  • Until Furnoss’s release, Scaratar played throughout the entire Starhenge song.
  • Furnoss extended the song further, making Starhenge play for about 2 minutes.
  • If you are born under the Fire Celestial Furnoss, your astrological sign is either an Aquarius (February 1st - 18th) or a Pisces . (February 19th - 28th/29th)

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