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This interactive article is for codes for the My Singing Monsters on Steam game only. For the My Singing Monsters (Mobile) interactive friendcodes page, see Friend Codes. For the My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire interactive friend codes page, see Friend Codes (Dawn of Fire).
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This is the page on the MSM wiki for people to exchange their Friend Codes for My Singing Monsters on Steam. Friend Codes on Steam cannot be used on Mobile, and Mobile Friend Codes cannot be used on Steam. If you're looking for people to add to your Friends list, to light each others' Wishing Torches, exchange keys and all of the other Friends activities, this is the place! If you're trying to recruit new members for your tribe, please do it on the Tribe Contacts page.

See also: Friend Codes subforum on Steam Community

Before adding your code to the list below, read the Rules section carefully.


  • Don't edit other people's friend code entry without their permission.
  • Don't use bold, underlined, italic or ALL CAPS in your entry. Also don't use a custom font or larger text.
  • Use no more than two (2) graphic symbols (emojis). Keep these to the text after your friend code.
  • Add your code at the current month, with Date and Friend Code.
  • Don't have your Friend Code more than once in the list. You can add multiple different codes, but no more than four (4).
  • You can move your code up, but only if at least a month has passed since you added or moved it previously.
  • You can update your code without moving it, any time you want.
  • Don't ask for people to use your code for the referral bonus.
  • The official MSM Wiki policies also apply here.


  • It is useful to include your in-game name in addition to your code. That will make it easier for your friends to find you in the friend list.
  • Make sure your Friend Code doesn't have an error, missing or extra digit or other people can't use it.
  • Anyone who promises more than 5 diamonds for using their referral code is lying, to trick you into giving them your referral.
  • If someone promises to do something for you if you give them a key, remember that the game doesn't tell them who has given that key! You might be able to reach an agreement by communicating in other ways, such as messages on people's walls here.
Please read the posting rules before adding your code.

May 2022

  • 4000424360AI (20/05/22 Username: DeadCherryMan - currently lvl 24, I log on a few times a day, I will try to light your torches everyday.
  • 4000619119FH (20/05/22) Name: bestbest595 lvl 17 currently. Want some torch buddies and people I can show my composer island to <3
  • 4000018755GN (20/05/22) MarrowFin lvl 26 Ok All These People Saying They Will Light Torches Will Probably Stop After 2 Weeks BUT, If You Need A Tribe Mines MarrowFins Mess
  • 4000623718HA (19/05) Javy - Currently level 11 - key exchanging every week and I will always light your torches
  • 4000588904JC (5/19/22) Fressouer - lvl 17 - I guarantee I will light your torches :)
  • 4000554782JA (5/17/22) solomenii - 17lvl - hi
  • 4000053919NL (5/16/22) Weenie - lvl 19 - I will try to light torches when I am able to do so.
  • 4000626249HJ (5/16/22) My display name is "Stupid" and I'll try to light torches when I can :) when I get torches please do the same as well (still kinda new)
  • 4000613443LL (5/16/22) VORTEXX - lvl 17 - I will light all my friend's torches every day and send keys whenever possible. Hope you do the same.
  • 4000387634MG (5/15/22) I light torches daily
  • 4000118519GN (5/13/22) My nickname is Doug Martis.Hello everyone!I have a cool account on my phone, but I decided to start over on the steam version.I will be glad if you light me a torch or give me a key.Thank you very much and have a nice day to everyone.
  • 4000617021JB (5/12/22)- Hey! Im Chono. I'll light torches daily, upvote islands and be happy being your friend.
  • 4000072651DL(5/11/22)-I am Anim and I get on once a day and will light torches
  • 4000615782BI (11/05/2022) I would really appreciate if you would light my torches, i will light yours back! (JustAWeeb)🔥🔥
  • 4000303211MB (05/10/22)- Hi, add me as a friend and let's light each other's torches
  • 4000591083ND (05/10/22) - Hi im hello world. im here cause im trying to get some keys and stuff. but i might light your torches aswell ;)
  • 4000600046NI (05/09/22) - Hello, I light your torches if you light mine. Good luck in breeding monsters!
  • 4000564875BD (5/8/22) - haii, im nat!! i will light ur torches!! (pls light mine) also btw. my favorite monsters r the plinkajou, peckidna & grumpyre & i like the bone island the most!! (pls like mu island) im active everyday!!
  • 4000570178JM (05/08/22) - Hi I'm SmoothEd1, I just want to do mutual torch lighting, I get on about twice a day. Will light your torches when I can! Thanks for friending me!
  • 4000236781JB (05/07/22) - Level 37, Ishbamma, I am addicted to msm and play at least 6x a day! I will light your torches. Thank you for lighting mine too!
  • 4000590077GL (6/06/22) Hey im xLiloh. I light daily(everyday) and get on about 3-5 times a day and i also will would like a weekly key swap buddy:)
  • 4000389566EG (06/05/22) Hiya I'm Colaneea (Cola). I light daily and am looking for mutual torch lighting friends and a weekly key swap buddy
  • 4000578490CK (05/05/22) Hey! I'm APurplePineapple. Just started the game again on steam and looking for friends. :)
  • 4000600593JF (05/05/22) Hi, I'm Snap Skull. Alright let me get straight to the point, I'll light your torches
  • 4000526884NC (05/05/2022) Hello! My in game name is: Elmo Chair. I will light torches if you do so too! I am active everyday and will light torches everyday! Bye!
  • 4000602555KN (05/05/2022) Greetings! I'm MisterOshibka. I've decided to start a fresh account on steam as second one. Will visit the game everyday and light people's torches! Hoping to see you soon.
  • 4000025520CE (5/3/2022) Hello! I'm poly (also my IGN). I play at least 3 times a day and will be happier than ever to light your torches! Just make sure to send me keys and light my torches along the way, and thank you for listening!
  • 4000456097CL (2/05/2022) Hi! I'm Fabian (Light my torches) I log in 3-4 times a day and I'll light as many torches as I can. I check who lit mine so I'll light their torch. Add me so we can light our torches!
  • 4000055459FL (01/05/22) Hi, I'm Fredllma, I light torches whenever I get chance, keys and likes on plants are appreciated
  • 4000529010DI (5/1/2022) Hi, my username in game is Ironprince. I'm only able to play on weekends, but I am always eager to light torches and send keys when I can. I only recently got back into the game, so don't expect any other island but plant to look good.
  • 4000588109AH (5/1/2022) Hi! Username's superbadcorrupt. I'll light torches almost every day, if possible.
  • 4000460684IM (5/1/2022) Hi! I'm Itezuma. I'm playing the game and lighting torches almost every day, sending a key to a random friend. Also, you can listen to my remix on Surface by DimRain47 on Composer Island.
  • 4000437912II (05/01/2022) Bruh... I love torches.
  • 4000597861EL (05/04/2022) i do torches and send random keys ,my ign is Iwishyoukeys

April 2022

  • 4000592904CA (4/30/22) - I'm Barabamen im new player and i will try to light torches
  • 4000406130NA (4/29/22) - I'm online every day and always fire torches to my friends and give some keys
  • 4000582920LG (4/28/22) - Name: CommyElmo I started a second account on steam and I really appreciate keys and torches. active daily and will light all friends torches
  • 4000092062JE (4/27/22) - hi im hanahata and i need those silly little torches lit, will try to light anyone who adds me as well
  • 4000448799IJ (4/25/22) - Hi i'm Hoola-la, pls light my torches and give me keys, i'm gonna retrieve it.
  • 4000520535IJ (4/24/22) - hello, I'm secret, if you light my torches I'll light yours. i used to play this game back in 2014-2016, and i think i somehow accidentally wiped my data, so, I'm starting over on the steam version. My favorite monster is the Epic Maw, or the maw in general. My discord is SecretSupply#6929
  • 4000564874AG (4/24/22) - hi im spider, pls light my torches im gay
  • 4000564425LJ (4/24/2022) hi i'm sprit3zin i'm starting my singing monsters steam i'll light your torches and send keys to you if you do the same to me
  • 4000424912AE (4/23/2022) light torches (i will light yours back!
  • 4000395885NF (4/22/2022) Hi, I'm EyeBee!! If you add me and light my torches, I'll typically light them back. If you want to talk to me, send me a message on discord: EyeBee#0133
  • 4000299082BM (4/22/2022) My username is Jacofillia. I really need friends to send me keys and light my torches. I will do the same in return! Thanks so much.
  • 4000357685BB (4/22/2022) Yo! I'm AstralZoom and I just came back to MSM and started using the steam. I'll appreciate it much if you light my torches and in return, I will light yours! I'll also be very grateful if you send keys, but I'm not forcing you :) Cheers, AstralZoom
  • 4000562120GI (4/21/22) - Daily torch lighter!!! Add me cause the more, the merrier! See you in the game. ~TSL Dame ☺️
  • 4000549377ED (4/21/22) - Eternity178, Level 12. Daily MSM player. Will light torches as often as I can, and will gladly invite you to my Tribal Island as long as you help level it up.
  • 4000269760HC (4/20/2022) IGN: Jimadon. I have been playing this game for a while now and have many friends, I will light torches if you light mine, few spots in my tribe if you wanna join. Discord: Jimadon#8330. Cheers! See you in game!
  • 4000269375MJ (4/20/2022) Hey, My ingame name is, DJIMBRA I have been playing a while now and have just gotten myself the Epic air wubbox! If you need a torch lit I will try my best to light it for you!
  • 4000424842BE (4/19/2022) Hello I'm Hank Hoses and I log on daily and will gladly light your torches and will graciously accept any keys if given any and will try to return the favor.
  • 4000349961ID (4/19/2022) Howdy! I'm Arthur101, I log on daily and light torches whenever I can. I may also give you keys if you light mine!
  • 4000000435EJ (4/19/2022) MSMPokeGamer - I'm a long time daily My Singing Monsters player with a YouTube channel! You may have seen my videos.
  • 4000442380FC (4/19/2022) sup, my names Alvarovisky i am in need of friends, i have been playing for a full month already, light torches pretty much daily and would appreciate some thumbs up on my islands but lighting torches is good enough for me, thanks for reading.
  • 4000552021JJ (4/18/22) Hi, I'm GroovyGoatGecko or just Groovy for short, I play daily and will exchange keys and light torches!
  • 4000025567LD (4/18/2022) Hello! I'm Weaponsoda, I'm pretty much an active player and will play at least once a day, I will try to light up your torches and send you keys. If it were possible that you could do the same thing, that would be very kind of you!
  • 4000151574IK (4/17/22) - Serratedox62659 - Returning player, I will be on daily to light torches.
  • 4000443423MJ (4/17/22) I light torches mutually.
  • 4000406653DN (4/17/2022) - Dan P. - lvl 19, daily player, lit my torches and I will lit yours everyday
  • 4000160350CC (4/16/2022) Hey, I'm a level 22 player as of writing this. If you could light my torches on cold + air island, it would mean alot to me. I'll do the same!
  • 4000544872GI (04/16/2022) - TabbyN - lvl 13 - I light torches for all my friends and give keys if possible
  • 4000505729JF (04/15/2022) Level 17, looking for ppl to light torches and send keys. I check friends for unlit torches many times per day. light a torch, get a key!
  • 400536044AE - (4/15/22) M44reK, active daily, likes lighting torches ;)
  • 4000398538LM - (4/15/22) I can light your torches and send you keys if you light mine. You can join my tribal if you want to. I am active every single day.
  • 4000439212IA - (4/14/22) - Level 18 - My username is ReddishSauce. I will send keys to a random person whenever I can. I will try to light everybody's torches. I am active multiple times every day.
  • 4000371929GL (4/14/2022) Green Guy - I'll light your torches if you light mine. I always have in my nickname which island I need
  • 4000529829DB (4/14/22) Foee, Will light torches!
  • 4000446593LF - (4/13/22) Xylic - Active daily and I will light your torches if you light mine :)
  • 4000402430DM (4/13/22) Hey it's Spaget, Im an active player and will light your torches in return for you lighting mine. ;)
  • 40002928383DD (4/12/22) Maxx, Will light torches and want my torches lit
  • 4000070827MJ (4/11/22) It's me! RandomJadeSign, known as Jade Light in-game! I hope you get to love me really well! I'm very friendly, or should I say, very Frondley. I will light your torches, and hope someone at least mistakes Kayna for Kanaya Maryam once! ♍🌸
  • 4000525407AJ (4/10/22) I'm ichigo if you light my torches i will try to light your torches
  • 4000133087BD (4/10/22) itsmeanthony4444 - I play this game every day i will light your torches and send keys to the person that has lit the most of my torches for that week. i only want my torches lit and maybe keys.
  • 4000439194HM (4/10/22) I'm Whittical and ghazt is pretty cool. I'll light torches and whatnot
  • 4000033036NK (4/9/22) your average floogull enjoyer, torches finna make me act up 😳
  • 4000008879DD (4/9/2022) Hi there I'm MoldyBreadStick. And I play several times every day and I'll light your torches but only if you light mine. Also keys would be nice to
  • 4000433176LG (4/9/2022) Hello, my name is Tom. I am glad to welcome everyone on my island :) Mutual torches and I hope that we will become friends
  • 4000295215BH (4/8/22) Hello, My user is Lixiar and if you could light my torches mostly on plant island because i want shugabush and ghazt also il light your torches so yea 🔥 🔥
  • 4000398357JJ (4/7/2022) EastWoodGrap I just need torches lit, I try to check atleast once a day to light people's torches.
  • 4000468201HB (04/06/2022) Hello everyone, my name is Ivan. Torches are lit every day, but I send the key to a random person. I haven't been playing for so long, but I think we'll become friends!
  • 4000017398EK (04/04/2022) SuperChomperBros Hello! I'll light your torches but only if you light mine. And also I would appreciate if you gave me keys. Thank you!
  • 4000112427IF (4/3/22) I'm Xander, I will light your torches and I hope you light mine!
  • 4000444238JA (4/3/22) bingbangbingchilling Hi I am active daily will light torches and send keys.
  • 4000502177EH (4/3/22) Hi, I am just a human who likes to light other peoples torches and listen to their islands.
  • 4000348866BM(4/03/2022)Hi, I'm just someone who wants to have torches lit and I reciprocate but only occasionally,My name on My Singing Monsters is MuriloLm11.
  • 4000505428KM (4/02/2022) i'm jusneon. i play nearly every day and will light your torches as you need if you light mine. randomly giving out keys to whoever whenever. unfriending anyone who's inactive for more then 3 days.
  • 4000439768KM (4/02/2022) Hi, I'm JotaPe. I log in daily and I will light your torches if you light mine, so let's work together. I'll give keys for the person who lights my torches the most.
  • 4000502139CJ (4/01/22) Heya, name's SnowSkitter, just got this on Steam and I'm in need of some friends for my list. I'll try to light as many torches as I can! ^^
  • 4000226993EH (4/01/22) [Komi Pie] I will light your torches if you light mine in return. If I get 5 above you, you will most likely be deleted from my friends list. If I want a specific island's torches lit, I will put it in my name. A key will be given to the highest torch lighter whenever I can send them.

March 2022

  • 4000280830LA (28/2/22) IGN: linfrakn - Daily player, I'm somewhat busy so I don't always get to lighting everybody's torches, but if you can consistently light my torches I'll favourite you and light yours back! Also, check out my composer island :)
  • 4000073050JE (3/31/22) supersalamander | i play a lot both on pc and mobile! will light torches!
  • 4000419901LB (3/30/2022) Need some keys and I'll also gift some to anyone who gives some
  • 4000465544FG (28/03/2022) I like playing my singing monsters, i'll try lighting every torch of any person who friends me!
  • 4000311630FA (3/28/2022) Need some torches lit, keys are also appreciated! I will return the favour
  • 4000469198GG (3/26/2022) Heya! I'm KamikazeKiwi. I log in every day and will light your torches if you also do the same for me. I will also gift keys whenever I can to whoever lights my torches the most ;).
  • 4000474976KE (3/26/2022) Hello! I'm Twer. Im playing everyday for several hours. I will send keys and light your torches whenever I can if you do the same.
  • 4000459876EA (3/26/2022) Hello! My nickname is Heidaro. I go into the game every day and light torches for everyone, and giving keys! I'll wait for reciprocity, and whoever enters my code in the "invitation" will be glad :3 Goodluck!
  • 4000344366IC (3/26/22) I'm Fwutig. I play for multiple hours a day, I light all available torches and send keys to people who light mine.
  • 4000424319KF (3/26/22) Hello, I'm Jackmonster00! I light torches whenever I get the chance, so long as you light mine too! keys are also much appreciated. I'm on nearly every day, so stop by and say hi to my monsters! :)
  • 4000376862EK (3/25/22) hihi! i'm tabbs! (ign: tabbytabbers) i light torches almost every day & i send keys if possible! add me and light mine and i'll totes do the same for you :)
  • 4000399946MC (3/25/22) Hey!! I'm Luke! I light torches on the daily. If you add my code if you could do the same that would be great! Best of wishes!
  • 4000456097CL (3/24/2022) Hi! I'm Fabian. I used to play this game 3 years ago but I started over on Steam. I log in 3-4 times a day and I'll light any torches I can. Add me so we can light our torches!🔥🔥 ^^
  • 4000030887FD (3/22/2022) pewpewmaster1, Been playing the game 2-3 times every day for about a couple weeks now, plan to stay dedicated to it for a pretty long time. I'll light anybody's torches as long as you light mine as well :) (Keys would also be great of course)
  • 4000186989CL (3/22/2022) Devon, light my torches ill light yours
  • 4000398293BF (3/22/2022) Crash0veriide, I'm trying to get Ghazt and would highly appreciate if you lit my torches. I will happily light your torches if you do the same. I check the game daily.
  • 4000465455FH (3/22/2022) I'm frozenpizza and I've been playing MSM for at least 4 years or more. I just started playing again today but I'll try to light your torches as often as I can as long you light mine (once I get them).
  • 4000465127NL (3/22/2022) Hey I'm a tryharder who just started over! I play the game multiple times a day, and light torches if you light mine! I might send you keys too!
  • 4000310350HE (3/20/22) Liz is my name and I light torches every day, do the same plz
  • 4000088129NB (3/20/22) Mr. Meme Man is my in-game username. I am the fourth player to reach level 75 on the Steam version. I will try my best to light your torches every day, and do not mind which torches you light on my islands.
  • 4000146560DC (03/20/22) - Good morning/evening! I am a novice msm player (Nickname: The_RedMan). I will be very glad to all applications for friends. I will actively light the torches, but do not forget about it and light them for me in return. Have a nice day!
  • 4000396919NL (03/19/2022) Hello! I'm Nicky and I log in daily. I light torches and send keys often! I also would greatly appreciate keys and torch lights as well! Add me:)
  • 4000445827LH (3/20/2022) SauceGambit - I'm always active 24/7, I'll light your torches every day, you can light mine. I can send keys too
  • 4000374892KM (3/19/2022) AthharAstalos - sometimes daily payer. Ill light your torches and you can light mine.
  • 4000363868BC (3/18/2022) Rizachiii. I'll light your torches if you light mine. I'll gift you a key for a key. I'm active daily. Trying to start a tribe so please join by messaging me on discord Rizachi#0175
  • 4000323696HG (03/16/2022) FurysShadow (Level 28) - Daily torch lighting and I send keys whenever I can!
  • 4000342947ND (3/16/2022) STEAM : Cla - will light torches in return every time!! Active multiple times per day
  • 4000085615LL (3/12/2022) STEAM : Ragnar - ill light as many torches as u light of mine. if i like the look of ur island ill give keys and likes as well
  • 4000064192HG (3/11/2022) IGN: NightmareFritz, I just need torches lit. i will light back
  • 4000421146JE (3/11/2022) Light me torch im light your or give a key i give you too.
  • 4000422414LI (3/10/2022) IGN: FrozenZenBerry, will light torches :)
  • 4000383074NI (3/10/2022) IGN: AngeloMark - Don't send keys. Let's light each others' torches. :)
  • 4000374999KN (3/9/2022) IGN and steam: jaela0838 - will light torches! do not need to light mine in return.
  • 4000230533NN (3/5/2022) IGN: lalaithan - I remove people who don't light.
  • 4000335257FB (3/5/22) STEAM: Chad_Wicked- I live MSM. On all day. If I get 8+ higher than you on torches, you're deleted. I try and light torches at least 3x daily, after normal routines. I always gift keys to the highest torch lighter. Been playing since the New Year and cant wait for new seasonals!
  • 4000181488GI (3/5/2022) Я русский
  • 4000389811AN (3/3/2022) Hi! I'm g'joobster and I am active daily and I will light your torches daily if you light mine :D
  • 4000388565BN (3/1/2022) IGN: Kenny. Hi i started over because I got bored. I get on once a day to do everything I need to do and wait for the next day. I light torches and gift keys to random people. I also light back as long as you light my torches as well.

February 2022

  • 4000385195AB (27/02/2022) Hi, I'm the Thrumbles. I am not new to the game because I have a mobile account but this one is a new account and I would like some friends
  • 4000387478BM (2/26/2022) IGN: uwucendia - i started over again for fun, will try to light torches if possible; keys will be appreciated
  • 4000055067FL (2/25/2022) Hey, I'm GPM1000! I play every day, and I'm looking for people to give me keys and light my torches. Both are very much appreciated, and I'd be happy to do the same in return!
  • 4000235815GB(02/25/2022) Hi! I'm OI