Through the combined efforts and resourcefulness of the singing monsters, one of the Ambered Things has been set loose! Flutter relates that the realm of Thingia, from which it originates, is in fact older than the monster world, but that it was equally affected by the same events that trapped Kayna, because of the binding magic of the trees. Whatever that means.

The Freed Thing is a decoration available from the StarShop, costing 500 Starpower 2.0 (starpower).


It is a freed version of the Ambered Thing, where the amber is now broken and the insect, named Flutter, now flies around happily around the broken amber.

Monsters Who Like it

Monster Island(s)
Rare Wubbox
Rare Wubbox
Plant, Cold, Air,

Water, Earth

Epic Furcorn
Epic Furcorn
Plant, Cold, Earth
Epic Scups
Epic Scups
Air, Water

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  • The Realm of "Thingia" mentioned in this item's description is actually a reference to one of BBB's games, Fling A Thing.
  • Flutter is the name of the bug-like "thing".
  • The "binding magic of the trees" is the amber that kept Flutter trapped.
  • Amber is the name given to the dried sap of some trees, which can trap bugs on itself when it is still viscous.
  • The Freed Thing was mentioned on a Facebook link. Link.
  • Some concept art shows a Rare Fwog finding and trying to open an Ambered Thing. This concept art was shown for MSM´s fifth aniversary.



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