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Following The Trail

Following The Trail is an official MSM video introducing Eggs-Travaganza 2019. The video shows us documentary styled research about a mysterious horned creature (Epic Blabbit) that appeared in multiple occasions. The year after, for Eggs-Travaganza 2020, there was another "Following the Trail" video released on the official MSM YouTube channel, but it was more of a trailer than a short video series.

Following the Trail: Part 1

Following the Trail: Part 2

Video Breakdown

The video starts with a big path in Water Island´s floor. Meanwhile the camera follows it, photos of a creature in multiple zones appear slowly and the title fades in.

An Oaktopus appears in screen with a book in an old-looking library. The text ``Oaktopus - historical enthusiast´´ can be read below Oaktopus. Then it talks about the book it has on its tentacles, which opens and reveal some strange letters that are subtitled below: ...To scattered reports of a horned creature, dashing to and fro the ocean currents...

Then the video shows  a Spunge whistling and playing a recorded sound similar to a thud that appeared meanwhile it was whistling. ``Spunge - whistling recording artist´´ can be read below.

Finally, a Rare Jeeode talks about a photo of an insect-like winged creature behind a Ambered Thing (Epic Scups), and the video ends with the title in a black screen. ``Rare Jeeode - purely impartial witness´´ can be read below

Oaktopus' Book/Tome

 A text in a book researched by Oaktopus is shown in a video. The full text is shown again in MSM Live #022 (at 11:00). Here the translated text:

Since time immemorial, the living ocean has been the cradle upon which the Monster World rests. But what do we truly know about it??

From far-flung rumors of deep-sea leviathans, known as glubbers to scattered reports of a horned creature dashing to and fro upon ocean currents this tome will strive to dive into as much detail as can be mustered. Where to begin? Let's examine some fossil evidence that dates back to monster prehistory, all the way back during the dawn of fire.

Evidence of a large aquatic creature that could support rocky structures on its back have been found strewn across the living ocean floor. Curiously these remains are accompanied by debris that resembles party balloons and confetti. Researchers are puzzled by the discovery of these items side by each - clearly more expeditions need to be undertaken it discover more.[sic]
Mysteries of the Living Ocean


  • "Following the Trail" is a reference to the famous reports made for the Abominable Snowman and such creatures.
  • Multiple monsters and MSM objects can be seen in the backgrounds, for example, a victorian-like Dandidoo painting, a Shugabush next to a Spunge in Shugabush Islands´ stage or a Riff´s guitar.
  • The video also teased chances of an another Fire element Island based on Party Island, an Island in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
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